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Trailer: Predators (International)

Predator is one of my ‘guilty pleasure’ movies. It has Arnie at the height of his badassness battling a hunter/killer alien in the jungles of Central America. Throw in Jesse Venture, Carl Weathers and pocket nukes and you have one hell of a body count and a fun movie. Fast forward to 2010 and Robert Rodriguez has seen fit to replace Arnold with…Adrian Brody? What the?

Anyway, the story is now that several humans have been abducted from Earth and sent to fight for their lives on an alien game preserve planet against, natch, the Predators. I’ll place 15 quatloos on Brody, but I won’t like it.

I dunno, this could either royally blow or be pretty good. I’ll probably wait to see what the reviews are first before seeing this. But I know what you’re thinking, what does Arnold think? Find out after the jump!

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4 Comments on Trailer: Predators (International)

  1. Hmmm, is Jesse Venture one of the forgotten Venture Brothers?

  2. Interesting. This movie with Arnold it is great.

    It is a pity that the authors does not conceal the information that the story takes place on another planet. I can imagine the shock when audience would have found out about it in the middle of the movie. Sitting there in the cinema, eating popcorn, and suddenly you see a completely alien sky. Priceless:)

  3. Yeah, that would’ve been a nice surprise, like the suitcase armor in Iron Man 2, which was spoiled in the trailer.

  4. Actually, that was Jesse Ventura , 1 time WWF athlete, later governor of Minnesota.  A good party trivia question – what movie starred 2 future governors but was not a documentary?

    Arnie was near his physical peak in the 1st movie but his commercial success was yet to come.

    I always thought that the title of the 1st movie was backwards.  People hunt lions, for example, to make trophys out of their pelts.  In the movie, the Predator was actually the trophy hunter & Arnie’s team was the animals – the predators – that it hunted


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