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Free eBook: ‘Inherit The Stars’ By James P. Hogan

With the passing of James P. Hogan, many people are remembering him, his fiction and his impact on the field of SF. One of the books that keeps coming up his is novel Inherit The Stars. It’s the story of a 50,000 year old corpse, called Charlie, in a red space suit on the Moon. From this unexpected discover, mankind discovers its unexpected origins. Inherit The Stars is the first book in Hogan’s five volume Giants series and if you’re never read it, Baen’s Webscription service has it available for free, in a variety of formats.

Giant aliens, a 50000 year old mystery, and the origins of humanity all for free, plus it’s a great introduction to Hogan’s writing. I’ve read the first three books and they are very good. After reading the first book, I bet many of you will go ahead and get the rest. After all, you can’t leave a good story unresolved!

More James P. Hogan Books for free: The Multiplex Man and The Two Faces of Tomorrow. (Thanks, Fred!)

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