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RIP: James P. Hogan

Sad news…

Author James P. Hogan has passed away.

Hogan is perhaps best known for his Giants series of novels.

I met Mr. Hogan at a recent convention. He was a nice fellow. I told him how much I enjoyed his Giants series and how he was the first sf author I ever emailed.

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4 Comments on RIP: James P. Hogan

  1. I was Hogan’s gopher at SciFi Happening in 1979.

  2. Inherit the Stars was one of my favorite books as a teenager.  The discovery of an astronaut on the moon who had been dead for 50,000 years was a powerful image.  I think I read that book 5 times.

    I also liked his essays on prejudice in the scientific community: Kicking the Sacred Cow.


  3. I was fortunate to be one of Jim Hogan’s pals whom he visited whenever he came to America. Jim was an intelligent and courageous fellow who battled for the underdog and heretic. I’ve posted a tribute to James P. Hogan at Jim Hogan is best known for his “Giants” series of sci-fi novels. Jim Hogan was a giant of a man.

  4. The underdog and the heretic are all well and good unless that underdog heretic happens to be a holocaust denier. Can’t say much for his fiction which was standard SF silliness, but as a person he sounds like the kind of creep that died way too late.

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