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TOC: Asimov’s August 2010

Asimov’s has posted the table of contents (with samples) for the August 2010 issue:


  • “Crimes, Follies, Misfortune, and Love” by Ian Creasey
  • “Warning Label” by Alexander Jablokov
  • “Slow Boat” by Gregory Norman Bossert


  • “Superliminosity” by Alan Wall
  • “The Lovely Ugly” by Carol Emshwiller
  • “The Battle of Little Big Science” by Pamela Rentz
  • “The Witch, the Tinman, the Files” by J.M. Sidorova
  • “On the Horizon” by Nick Wolven


  • “Cultura Boundaries” by F.J Bergmann
  • “A Wrong Turn” by Elizabeth Penrose
  • “The Great Peeloff” by Qadira P. Garger


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