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TOC: ‘Never Again’ edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane

Gray Friar Press has posted the table of contents for their upcoming anthology Never Again edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane. The anthology, comprised or originals and reprints and due for a September 2010 publication, is a non-profit initiative meant to (as per the website) “voice the collective revulsion of writers in the weird fiction genre against political attitudes that stifle compassion and deny our collective human inheritance.”

  1. “Feet of Clay” by Nina Allan
  2. “Volk” by R.J. Krijnen-Kemp
  3. “In the Arcade” by Lisa Tuttle
  4. “A Flowering Wound” by John Howard
  5. “Sense” by Tony Richards
  6. “In On the Tide” by Alison Littlewood
  7. “Decision” by R.B. Russell
  8. “South of Autumn” by Mat Joiner
  9. “Survivor’s Guilt” by Rosanne Rabinowitz
  10. “Rediffusion” by Rhys Hughes
  11. “A Place For Feeding” by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  12. “The Night They Missed the Horror Show” by Joe R. Lansdale
  13. “Ghost Jail” by Kaaron Warren
  14. “The Torturer” by Steve Duffy
  15. “Methods of Confinement” by Gary McMahon
  16. “Damned If You Don’t” by Rob Shearman
  17. “Machine” by Carole Johnstone
  18. “After the Ape” by Stephen Volk
  19. “Zulu’s War” by David Sutton
  20. “Death of Dreams” by Thana Niveau
  21. “Beyond Each Blue Horizon” by Andrew Hook
  22. “The Depths” by Ramsey Campbell
  23. “Malachi” by Simon Bestwick

[via Nick Mamatas]

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