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WINNER: ‘Kraken’ by China Miéville and ‘Third Bear’ by Jeff VanderMeer

The winner of our Kraken/Third Bear contest has been selected by Jeff VanderMeer.

But wait! There’s more…!

Says Jeff:

Worthy as the entries were in their cataloging of the splendors of the Kraken, some must by necessity be discarded: any that demonstrate sentimentality for the Beast or animosity toward it; any that display ignorance of its ways or seek to trivialize its magnificence; any that exude toxins of the Old Ones or that show no respect for tradition.

Those that are left show a love of Kraken Extrapolated or Kraken in Minor Key, naturalistically depicted. Thus, the winners and runners-up.

  • WINNER (Kraken and Third Bear): F.Y. Glossed’s entry groks the heart of the Beast, and the essence of the exclusion that is its triumph.
  • RUNNER-UP (Third Bear and Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals): Will Alexander’s entry understands the true complexity and contradiction of the Kraken mind.
  • Honorable Mention (the Glory of Attention): Kelso and Ricardo for their devotion to detail and thus detail as evidence of devotion.

In closing, if you would not eat your own brain, eat not squid, octopi, cuttlefish, or its kin for fear of devouring a mind as fecund as those more familiar to you.

Congratulations to the winners!

See the original post for their creative entries.

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