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Beware The Hairy Mango: ‘Pain Comes Not To The Bananaman’

Ahoy-Hoy Signal-philes! The magnificent Beware The Hairy Mango podcast has joined forces with SF Signal to bring you the penultimate in podcast entertainment (The ultimate being the SF Signal podcast, of course). Lie back and try not squirm as we inject the Mango straight into your veins. It will hurt, even a small mango outsizes your largest artery, but the hurt will be worth it as you absorb the latest episode, “Pain Comes Not to the Bananaman”!

Hardhats on for the occasional naughty word!

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3 Comments on Beware The Hairy Mango: ‘Pain Comes Not To The Bananaman’

  1. OMFG!  This is truly inspired comedy.  Inspired by insanity sure, but inspired.  Nice job Matthew!!

  2. Agreed!  Readers/Listeners would do well to click the BTHM link and listen to even more episodes.  Perfectly delivered, bite-size bits of comic genius, that’s what it is.

  3. Thanks, Scott. Great to be here and grab hold of new innocent minds!

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