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‘Star Wars’ Finally Comes to Blu-ray: Will You Buy It?

At the Star Wars Celebration V event this week, George Lucas announced that all 6 Star Wars films will be released on Blu-ray disc in 2011. I’m surprised it took LucasFilm this long to exploit another media format. Just imagine all the different re-imagined versions and bi-annual re-releases we can now get on Blu-ray!

As much as my inner Star Wars fanboy is tickled by this news, part of me wonders if fans have had enough already with this umpteenth release of the films. [Looks at JP who, I think, owns a laserdisc version of one of the films.] Or, is Blu-ray, the HD standard, the must-have version that fans have been waiting for?

Sound off! Will you buy the Blu-ray versions when they comes out?

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14 Comments on ‘Star Wars’ Finally Comes to Blu-ray: Will You Buy It?

  1. Oh god no!


    Suckiest films ever. I haven’t bought them in any format and won’t in this one either. Cardboard characters, cookie cutter plot . . . oh please.

    Just say no.


  2. Glad you shared that with us pjcamp. My day seems SOOO MUCH better for knowing that you haven’t wasted any money on films that you have never liked *YAWN*

    Does anyone know which versions of the original trilogy are on these disks? Personally I hope that they are the original cinema releases as thats what I have on VHS, but can never be bothtered to watch because it would mean digging my video player out and plugging it in and then hoping it works.

  3. I think Lucas needs to stop releasing his stuff and produce a prequel in 3D set way before events in star wars to show the mythology of the force and the coming of those who become able to first manipulate it, wield power etc.

    Another far more capable director specializing in real drama should direct and go serious/raw with it. No silliness. No CG. let’s see some blood, dirt, sweat and real looking creatures. Lucas needs to reinvent his approach, instead of revamping it every 10 years. 

    But he won’t. He’s busy producing a star wars “comedy”

    Lucas, while he did inspire the James Camerons of today..that was 30 years ago. Now unfortunately he is just a hack.



  4. I will get them as i do not own any previous release.

    Let’s just hope that every versions are included and that it has an option to enable “Han shot first” in every version.

    Lucas was a director 30 years ago, tried it again ten years ago and failed – in an epic way.

    He should never again direct a movie and just concentrate on swimming in pools of money that he earns through all the merchandise and licensing.


    P.S: i guess they will release the Blu Ray versions and in some years later the Blu Ray 3D version

  5. Roddy Reta // August 15, 2010 at 10:59 am //

    More Lucas bashing (yawn).

    He has achieved more than any one of us could hope to dream.

  6. Brad Leslie // August 15, 2010 at 11:43 am //

    The only way I will purchase this on blu-ray is if we finally get remastered, cleaned-up copies of the original theatrical trilogy. 

    Not the special editions, not the un-touched transfers of the original films he’s already released.  I want the versions of these films that I saw in the theater when I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s.

    I love Star Wars, but will not be adding blu-ray discs unless there is a good reason to.  As far as the prequels are concerned, I have them on dvd, and while each of them is good enough to own, none of them are good enough to merit buying them again for a new format as long as blu-ray players still play dvd’s.

  7. Own one of them on Laserdisc? You, sir, are completely wrong!

    I have all three original films on Laserdisc, called the definitive collection. And they’re all in glorious CAV format. But of course, Lucas couldn’t resist tinkering and they have new, ‘improved’ sound effects and I think the Death Star explosion was altered to look more like it does now, so, sadly, they aren’t the exact same as the theatrical releases.

    On the plus side, Han does shoot first, the way God intended.

  8. Lucas bashing only gets old because there is so much material for the bashers. However, nothing more need be said once one has viewed Plinkett’s complete deconstruction and demolition of the Eps. 1 & 2 (and soon 3).

  9. I will buy them for the same reason I own them now – an 8 year old who loves all 6 movies

  10. Only if they include the Holiday Special.

    Come on, George! It’s time you let go of that one and just let the fans revel in its badness. We’ll love you all the more for it! Or release it seperately–it’s a must-have. Second ONLY to Shatner singing Rocket Man as one of the greatest pieces of sci-fi kitsch EVER!

    “Fighting the frizzies…at 11!”

  11. hey JP. i too own the original trilogy on LaserDisc (although its the special edition, with the added digital stuff). best viewed with the Analog Sound option. the packaging and artwork cant be beat.

  12. Matte Lozenge // August 16, 2010 at 5:43 pm //

    George Lucas should call up Mike Verta and get the rights to his Star Wars Legacy Edition.



    I would buy THAT . . because he wants to honor the movie instead of create more marketing tie-in opportunities.

  13. No original versions, no sale.

  14. I heard a rumor going around that Lucas refuses to release the original versions anywhere because then he’d have to pay out mucho moolah to his ex-wife. Whatever the reason, it *can’t* be that doing so would be too cost prohibitive. Just sayin’.

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