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Sunday Cinema: ‘The Creation of the Humanoids’ (1962, Based on Jack Williamson’s ‘The Humanoids’)

The Creation of the Humanoids is a 1962 film directed by Wesley Barry based on Jack Williamson’s novel The Humanoids and is “often cited as Andy Warhol’s favorite film”.


The Earth is suffering the after-effects of nuclear war; the human birthrate has fallen so much that the population is declining. The “humanoids” of the title are advanced robots created to serve human beings. A human scientist, Dr. Raven (Doolittle), has developed a technique called the “Thalamic Transplant,” which transfers the memories and personality of a recently-deceased human to a robotic replica of that person. The human-humanoid hybrids that result awake from the process unaware of their own transformation.

A quasi-racist human organization called the “Order of Flesh and Blood” opposes the robots, whom the order disparagingly refers to as “clickers.” One of the leaders of the Order, Capt. Kenneth Cragis (Megowan), discovers clues that lead him to fall in love, and discover the secret not only of the robot’s human “replacement” program, but also of the future of himself, his new love, and the human race as a whole.

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5 Comments on Sunday Cinema: ‘The Creation of the Humanoids’ (1962, Based on Jack Williamson’s ‘The Humanoids’)

  1. I think that this one is “based” on Jack Williamson about as much as the film “The Lawnmower Man” is “based” on a story by King.

    But it is one of my favorite cheap SF films. The costumes recycled from “Gone with the Wind”! The (cough) special effects! The endless (endless) talking. Despite that, I have it on DVD and watch it now and again. Good (cheese) stuff.

  2. Mark Stephenson // August 23, 2010 at 5:38 pm //

    If I remember correctly, weren’t the “Order of Flesh and Blood” dudes all wearing uniforms recycled from “Forbidden Planet.”  This was one of the worst bits of SF ever made, well, until the Star Wars Holiday Special moved everything else up several notches by default…

  3. Look at the pants: definitely American Civil War. Ditto some of the jackets and the hats are defiitely the “slouch hats” found in the ACW.

  4. ROBERT SKOTAK // April 16, 2012 at 3:07 am //

    CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS was not based on Williamson’s THE HUMANOIDS. The film was shot under the title
    “THIS TIME TOMORROW”, and released almost 3 years after its completion. The distributor changed the title to
    CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS. Based solely on the shared word “humanoids”, commentators have come to the
    incorrect assumption that the film must’ve been connected to the Williamson property, but that assumption is
    totally incorrect. In fact, the writer was inspired by an entirely different sf work. (Based on talks with the screenwriter and
    various paperwork I have from the film, we will be presenting a full article about CREATION in my upcoming mag, RetroSpect. Hopefully some of the theories about the film will be either expanded or corrected. That is, if anyone is
    even interested in such an obscure film!–;-7

  5. ROBERT SKOTAK // June 6, 2012 at 4:14 pm //

    This film has nothing to do with Williamson’s THE HUMANOIDS. I knew the screenwriter and nothing of the sort was intended. The title ‘CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS” was added by a distributor 3 years AFTER the film was shot. It was originally titled THIS TIME TOMORROW.

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