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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 003): Interview with Jon Sprunk

In the third episode of the SF Signal podcast, John Anealio fills in for an ill Patrick Hester, taking over moderation duties. He is joined by Jay Garmon, Lisa Paitz Spindler & John DeNardo to discuss media tie-in novels.

Later, John Anealio & John DeNardo sit down with PYR author Jon Sprunk to discuss his latest novel, Shadow’s Son.

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4 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 003): Interview with Jon Sprunk

  1. Yeesh, I apologize for the audio on my end. My KVM switch configuration has my headset audio as left channel, and my ambient laptop mic as right channel. I promise my next appearance will not place me at the end of a distant, metallic echo-tunnel.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for a great podcast, really entertaining. 🙂 Tie-Ins really tread the line, don’t they? In my opinion, one of the best authors out there who not only does excellent tie-ins but also writes very cool his-own stuff is Alan Dean Foster – I read his novelization of Terminator Salvation before I watched the movie (thanks, Titan Books!) and really enjoyed it – in fact, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the movie as much if I hadn’t read the book. And don’t get me started on Star Wars – my collection is at about 130 books at the moment, so my stance on that should be pretty clear. 🙂

    Also, an excellent interview with Jon – I’ve got Shadow’s Son coming up for a review (within the next month or two) and it was awesome hearing about how Jon writes, all the background, very cool. 🙂

    Thanks guys!

  3. The rss feed for the 3rd episode points to the 1st episode.


  4. John DeNardo seems to have held back a bit during the Jon Sprunk interview and interjected only when necessary. Nice mentoring.


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