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TOC: ‘Apexology: Horror’ Edited by Jason Sizemore

Editor Jason Sizemore has posted the table of contents for his upcoming digital-only anthology, Apexology: Horror:

  • “It Tasted Like the Sea” by Paul Jessup
  • “Summon, Bind, Banish” by Nick Mamatas
  • “To Every Thing There is a Season” by Dru Pagliassotti
  • “Life’s a Beach” by Alethea Kontis and Ariell Branson
  • “Kusatenda Uroyi” by Gill Ainsworth
  • “Lottery” by Gene O’Neill
  • “Cerbo en Vitra ujo” by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • “The Spider in the Hairdo” by Michael A. Burstein
  • “The Dark Side” by Guy Hasson
  • “With the Beating of their Wings” by Martel Sardina
  • “Enough to Make a Devil” by R. Thomas Riley
  • “Flash of Light” by Jason Sizemore
  • “Transylvania Mission” by Lavie Tidhar
  • “Inside Looking Out (or: Falling Through the Worlds)” by Mari Adkins
  • “Powered” by Deb Taber
  • “Disturbing Things” by B.J. Burrow
  • “Eulogy for Muffin” by Jennifer Brozek
  • “Hands of Heritage” by Elizabeth Engstrom
  • “The Junkyard God” by M. Zak Anwar and O.M.R. Anwar
  • “Bessie Green’s Thumb” by Fran Friel
  • “Big Sister/Little Sister” by Jennifer Pelland

The anthology is prefaced by his introduction Five Years and Counting.

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