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TOC: ‘Beat to a Pulp: Round One’ edited by David Cranmer and Elaine Ash

Here’s the table of contents for the anthology Beat to a Pulp: Round One which contains stories that “run the gamut of crime fiction, noir, sci-fi, hard boiled, western, literary, ghost and fantasy. The anthology also features a foreword by Bill Crider, a history of pulp by Cullen Gallagher, and and awesome cover with art by James O’Barr and design by John Bergin.

  1. “Maker’s and Coke” by Jake Hinkson
  2. “A Free Man” by Charles Ardai
  3. “Fangataufa” by Sophie Littlefield
  4. “You Don’t Get Three Mistakes” by Scott D. Parker
  5. “Insatiable” by Hilary Davidson
  6. “Boots on the Ground” by Matthew Quinn Martin
  7. “Studio Dick” by Garnett Elliott
  8. “Killing Kate” by Ed Gorman
  9. “The Ghost Ship” by Evan Lewis
  10. “The Strange Death of Ambrose Bierce” by Paul S. Powers
  11. “Heliotrope” by James Reasoner
  12. “The Wind Scorpion” by Edward A. Grainger
  13. “Hard Bite” by Anonymous-9
  14. “Crap is King, a ‘Miles Jacoby’ story” by Robert J. Randisi
  15. “The All-Weather Phantom” by Mike Sheeter
  16. “Pripet Marsh” by Stephen D. Rogers
  17. “Ghostscapes” by Patricia Abbott
  18. “Off Rock” by Kieran Shea
  19. “At Long Last” by Nolan Knight
  20. “A Native Problem” by Chris F. Holm
  21. “Spend It Now, Pay Later” by Nik Morton
  22. “Spot Marks the X” by I. J. Parnham
  23. “Hoosier Daddy” by Jedidiah Ayres
  24. “Anarchy Among Friends: A Love Story” by Andy Henion
  25. “Cannulation” by Glenn Gray
  26. “The Unreal Jesse James” by Chap O’Keefe
  27. “Acting Out” by Frank Bill

[via Scott D. Parker]

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3 Comments on TOC: ‘Beat to a Pulp: Round One’ edited by David Cranmer and Elaine Ash

  1. Are these all new writers? I don’t recognize one name.

  2. I believe this is a print collection of stories that have appeared online at the Beat to a Pulp website.

  3. Most of these writers are established in the crime and western genres. Six are from the zine and the rest brand spanking new.

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