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TOC: ‘Warrior Wisewoman 3’ edited by Roby James

Norilina Books has posted the table of contents of Warrior Wisewoman 3 edited by Roby James:

  1. “Driving X” by Gwendolyn Clare
  2. “Heart of Stone” by Joel Richards
  3. “Tourist Trap” by Aimee C. Amodio
  4. “Dinner For One” by Bruce Golden
  5. “The Race” by Jennifer R. Povey
  6. “The Envoy” by Al Onia
  7. “Bearer of Burdens” by Melissa Mead
  8. “What Lies Dormant” by Swapna Kishore
  9. “Katyusha’s First Time Out” by Susanne Martin
  10. “Natural Law” by Alfred D. Byrd
  11. “Baby, Be Mine” by Susan Tsui
  12. “Mayfly” by Gary Kloster
  13. “To the Altar” by Therese Arkenberg
  14. “Sustain Nothing” by Paul Abbamondi
  15. “The Truth One Sees” by Kathy Hurley
  16. “Mater Luna” by William Highsmith
  17. “A Pearl of Great Price” by Leslie Brown
  18. “Dark Mirrors” by John Walters
  19. “A Bird In the Hand” by Douglas Smith
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  1. Dear Folks,

    It’s not just  the TOC, it’s the book’s official release announcement! 

    Warrior Wisewoman 3 edited by Roby James has been out on August 1, 2010…

    So, go and get your copy now!



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