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Voice Of The Fans: It’s Avatar Re-release Day! Who’s Going?

Today is a joyous day indeed for today is the day that all you poor schmucks who missed out on the most totally awesomest movie ever, the movie that incites depression and suicidal thoughts on its fans, the movie that steamrolled it’s way to $2.7 billion worldwide (thanks to overpriced 3D and IMAX tickets), today is the day you get a second chance to see Avatar. In 3D even, if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to live near a theater that is showing that version. Sadly for me (not!), the closes theater is 45 minutes away on the south side of Houston. No thanks James!

I saw Avatar on DVD and yes, I missed out on all the ‘golly gee whiz’ visuals, but really, 3D gives me a headache and while the movie looked impressive, even on a small screen, the story was one long trip down mediocrity lane. A wise man once said, “Nuke ’em from space, it’s the only way to be sure.” If only the humans had done so.

Not even the promise of 8 more scintillating minutes is enough to get me back in the theaters to see it.

How many of you are are planning to go (or go back) and help make Cameron king of this world (and others)?

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10 Comments on Voice Of The Fans: It’s Avatar Re-release Day! Who’s Going?

  1. Uh, no. I saw Avatar in the theatre the first time around and that was more than enough. If I feel like watching that story again, I’ll make better use of my time and watch Dances with Wolves on DVD.


  2. What bloginhood said.

    I saw Avatar on DVD, long after it had made its run through the theaters. While it was most definitely a visually stunning movie, the story was lackluster and stereotypical. It’s not a movie I would invest another 3 hours in.

  3. Thanks but no thanks.  While it is visually stunning, Avatar struck me as so cliche that I felt I had read it, and seen it, all before.  And, upon remembering Poul Anderson’s Call Me Joe and Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Word for World Is Forest, I had.

  4. I’m getting pretty tired of all the “Director’s Cut” “Additional/Deleted Scenes” regurgitation of stuff we’ve seen before.  Thankfully, until now, it’s been limited to DVD releases – but this seems like a pretty lame way to take another $20 off people.  If these scenes were so great, they should have been included in the original version.  The fact that they weren’t suggests to me that they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. 

  5. Well… I’m seeing it on Sunday.  I’ll admit the story is horrible – but the movie was a labor of love for many visual artists, and not just CG artists – Cameron also employed traditional artists, such as sculptor Jordu Schell for pre-production design. 

    I also didn’t see it in IMAX the first time around and some friends that did said it was great in that format. 

    For those who don’t want to “reward” Cameron with more money… what is that alternative – transformers 5?   I’d rather see three Avatar movies than three Transformers (and you know we’ll have had to suffer through at least 5 of those by the time Avatar 2 is released in 2014).  Jim Cameron is consistently reliable in directing spectacular productions (if not stories) and entertainment.  Sure, there are more talented directors who may deserve more money/recognition (Darren Aronofsky for one), but Cameron has done so much for Sci-Fi movie lovers it is a little strange the animus I see in the first few comments so far on this post.

    If he didn’t do this – nobody else would.  Now that he has – it opens the door.  Perhaps now we can see Fincher’s Rendezvous with Rama and other dead projects that, if given a budget like this, could be mind blowing.  Imagine if Kubrik had this technology and cash at his disposal… 

    If the biggest movie of all time is a sci-fi epic… that’s GOOD news for us…  right?  What are you all complaining about?

  6. Not I. I’ve already seen it, been wowed by it – I’m not sure the additional 7 or so minutes will do the same again. 

  7. It always surprises me when people voice their opinion about a director’s flawed product and people leap to that director’s defense not because those opinions are wrong, but because that director has supposedly popularized a genre and has produced something slightly better than the incredible awfulness that passes for a lot of SF cinema.  The notion that making a mega-hit out of pretty pap is going to be a Stargate to amazing SF entertainment has generally been proven incorrect; it leads to more pap and often engenders a flood of crappy knockoffs that disenchant viewers.  If you want good films, support good films.   That’s the only way to get better stuff on screen.

    It’s even more ludicrous to pay $10+ dollars to see 9 more minutes of a film; that’s as much of a scam as 3D.  I’m sad that more and more films are being made with expensive processes just to get more money out of moviegoers.

  8. I’m always surprised when people voice their defense of and opinions about a director’s well-crafted, immensely successful product and then how other people leap to deride those opinions because they are deemed wrong, despite the fact that the director has previously quite concretely influenced the popularity and cultural penetration of a genre and furthered that influence by producing something far and away better — and more significant — than the poor efforts that pass for much of SF cinema today.

    Funny thing how originality can so blithely be dismissed as “cliche” and “pretty pap,” and then bemoaned as merely a harbinger of only “crappy knockoffs” to follow.


    I can’t say exactly why, but I continue to find myself astounded at the venom Cameron and Avatar receive, when director and film did precisely what science fiction can, even should, do at its highest level — create modern/contemporary myths, give us the sense-of-wonder of new and alien worlds and ways of seeing, and offer provocative commentary upon our current sociocultural condition.

    Like A, above, I don’t get the animus ….


  9. I’m one of those poor schmucks who did not see Avatar when it released on the big screen, and so yes I will be seeing it at a nearby Imax this weekend!  Yeah!

    I had been waiting for it to return to the big screen all summer long, and so finally it’s here!  I even held off on seeing it on DVD just so I can get the most thrilling experience out of seeing on the big screen, and so this coming Sunday, I will be at the local Imax to see it!

  10. Minor correction:  I believe it was a woman who said the “nuke ’em” line.  Ripley said it first. 

    And the line should be: “I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”


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