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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for October 2010

Daily Science Fiction has announced its October 2010 line-up of stories. Opt in to get a new story in your e-mailbox every weekday. (Otherwise, each story becomes available on the website a week later.)

  • 10/1/10: “Finding Joan”” by David D. Levine
  • 10/4/10: “Gamed” by Stephen Gaskell
  • 10/5/10: “Losses: A Game” by M.O. Walsh
  • 10/6/10: “Solitude” by Michael Guillebeau
  • 10/7/10: “Fashion Statement” by Peter Roberts
  • 10/8/10: “Migrating Bears” by Helena Leigh Bell
  • 10/11/10: “Grinpa” by Brian K. Lowe
  • 10/12/10: “Bless This House” by Beth Cato
  • 10/13/10: “Zero Hour” by Sue Burke
  • 10/14/10: “Susan 3342 A.D.” by Marge Simon
  • 10/15/10: “Addendum to the Confessions of St Augustine of Hippo” by Edoardo Albert
  • 10/18/10: “Longevity, Inc.” by Geoffrey C. Porter
  • 10/19/10: “Chick Lit” by Keyan Bowes
  • 10/20/10: “Group Session” by Terry Bramlett
  • 10/21/10: “Memory Boxes” by Pam L.Wallace
  • 10/22/10: “A Theory of Sixth-Sense Aesthetics” by Ciro Faienza
  • 10/25/10: “High Mileage” by JG Faherty
  • 10/26/10: “A Game of Horse and Dragon” by Sarah L. Edwards
  • 10/27/10: “Cradle Song” by Brenda Cannon Kalt
  • 10/28/10: “Flipping the Switch” by Michael Vella
  • 10/29/10: “Moonlight and Bleach” by Sandra McDonald
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  1. I’m really enjoying DSF. It’s a delicious little treat in my mailbox each morning. I have enjoyed nearly all the stories, some very much.

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