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Free eBook: ‘Arkfall’ by Carolyn Ives Gilman

Phoenix Pick is continuing their “Free eBook-a-Month” promotion!

For the remainder of September, you can get an eBook copy of Arkfall by Carolyn Ives Gilman for free with the coupon code below!

As Phoenix Pick notes: “Arkfall was nominated for the Nebula this year. Carolyn Gilman is a not a prolific (or very well known author), but nearly everything she writes get outstanding reviews. Her novel Halfway Human is an outstanding study of gender issues and her novelette, “The Honeycrafters” won the nebula in 1993.”

Here’s a description of the book from Amazon:

Humans live deep within an apparently lifeless planet covered by massive ice sheets. Having to survive in confined spaces has bred a unique culture where deference and non-confrontation make co-existence possible. Osaji’s opportunities are limited by the need to care for her aging grandmother. But all that is about to change as circumstances push her toward a journey like no other.

To get your free eBook, just head on over to the Phoenix Pick Catalogue, select the book, and use this Coupon Code: 9991426. (Note: Coupon code expires September 30, 2010.)

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  1. Excellent, and in multiple formats too!

  2. I just tried the link and got a “404”.  The main Phoenix Picks page does not offer the book as a freebie.

  3. That’s because I mistyped the url.  :S Should be fixed now.

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