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Full Length Skyline Trailer (Suh-weeet!)

I know trailers are supposed to look awesome, but man, this looks Awesome. Looks like part ID4, part Cloverfield, with a dash of District 9.

Sold. I know where I’m going in November…

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11 Comments on Full Length Skyline Trailer (Suh-weeet!)

  1. Ok now I am interested, the first trailer really didn’t do much for me but this has fleshed out the movie more in my imagination and has put this movie on my radar.

  2. Eh, this still doesn’t do much for me – reminds me a lot of Cloverfield

  3. I’m in! this works for me.

  4. I see Cloverfield meets Independence Day, with that guy from Haven and Dr. Turk….

    Yeah, I’m on the fence.

  5. Nadia Bulkin // September 30, 2010 at 10:53 am //

    This actually sells me less than the first trailer.  Because now they’re showing the acting/dialogue, and it looks kind of bad.

  6. I dunno; it looks like a lot of spectacle and zero substance to me.  I am getting old, and tired of movies with lots of explosions and nothing to care about.  I appreciate the mashup of every alien menace ever conceived, but I smell one of those “humans triumph despite overwhelming inferiority” kind of films that are packed with stereotypical characters, preposterous CGI, and tons of predictability.  Seriously, who did NOT see that car and that helo were getting taken out?   Meh.

  7. I’m afraid it’s going to be one of those movies where I’m waiting for the big payoff that never comes.

  8. Holy. Shit. I thought this film looked cool before, but now? It’s got everything I love in a movie: ‘splosions, giant alien ships, giant aliens, and massive amounts of destruction. Oh, and Eric Balfour–he’s pretty cool, too. But seriously, I don’t give a crap how dumb the plot of this film is–it’s going to be awesome nonetheless!

  9. Before anyone wets their pants too much, this is being directed by the Strause brothers, who dumped on an innocent and unsuspecting public what I consider to be possibly the worst movie of the decade, ‘Alien v Predator 2: Requiem’.

    The visuals will look great (they run a visual effects facility), but I predict every other aspect of this movie will feel like a student production on a healthy budget. It looks like an attempt at launching an Intellectual Property (three movie deal, merchandising, possible TV spinoff). Unfortunately, I suspect there will be very little intellect involved.

  10. Don’t worry.  Their ships run Microsoft Windows.  We’ll just install some adobe & apple software on them and bring them to a halt.


  11. Joshua Corning // October 3, 2010 at 3:04 am //


    “TIME: 4:27AM”

    I think I can see a figure taking a bong hit in one of the skyscraper’s windows when the first blue comet thing comes down.

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