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Good Idea or Bad Idea? Star Wars Films Go 3D!

Just when you thought LucasFilm couldn’t wring any more money from the Star Wars films comes word that Episodes I – VI will be re-released in theaters in 3D!

Seriously, George? I gotta tell you, if there’s anything worse than gimmicking a film to use 3D, it retrofitting a film to use 3D.

But maybe that’s just me. I’m sure there are legions of fans who will welcome this news with eager wallets. And they can do so beginning in 2012 (the now-certain end of the world) when The Phantom Menace will rear it’s 3D head. Every year, a new episode will be re-released in 3D, meaning that in 2017 you can see the Ewoks in all their comin’-at-‘cha splendor.

Hmmm…that also means 3D metal bikini. May have to rethink my stance on this issue…

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19 Comments on Good Idea or Bad Idea? Star Wars Films Go 3D!

  1. Thumbs down.  Not so much because it will ruin Star Wars (Lucas already did that), but because I’m tired of 3D…who cares.

  2. does not add anything to the movies but it will be nice to watch the older ones in the theaters


    they should instead remake the old movies with a new cast, ewan mcgregor as ben kenobi, han shot first, all stromtroopers have the same size (aren’t they all clones) and armor like in episode 3.

    cgi yoda, replace the ewoks with (feral) wookies, as if ewoks were able to stand a chance against stormtroppers

    just keep anything else almost the same, especially the metal bikini.

  3. Bad idea, well unless Lucas does the unexpected and messes with the filsm to actually make them better…. though the chances of that happening are next to nil.

    That said there is one scene I would love to see in well done 3D and it has nothing to do with bikinis… its the openning shot of A New Hope…… that scene still blows my mind in 2D and the idea of seeing it in 3D is just mouth watering…. thats if its done right of course!!!

  4. @ Martin – remake the original movies…. WHY? Are you mad?

  5. While I will always love episodes 4-6, I’m tired of Star Wars. A 3D re-release does nothing to change that. Besides, my wife and I stopped going to the theater years ago after I finished out our media room, and since I don’t have a 3D projector, this does nothing for me.

  6. I think it’s a good idea for LFL. It’ll make them a crapload of money, and it’ll keep the Star Wars brand alive. I’ll probably go see them, if anything, to see the films in theaters again. 

    I did a writeup earlier today about this:


    @Andy – it’s not about making the films better. 

  7. Hey! We’re going to see the Star Wars films in theaters again, that couldn’t be that bad!

    I just hope they will erase the Jar-Jar Binks scenes.

  8. @Aldo – Jar Jar’s tongue in 3d. Mull it over. 

  9. Well, the one thing we can say is that at least he’s being honest on what he’s peddling this time around.  The last time I bought Star Wars DVDs I was told I was getting the “digitally remastered original classics.”  What I got were “digitally-the-same bad-CG altered Special Edition non-classics.”  Here, we know what we’re paying for…and I won’t be paying for it.

  10. It’s fascinating to me that Lucas has the opportunity to keep re-releasing his work. How many artists can actually say that? I do find Andy W’s idea about re-working what hasn’t worked with audiences pretty interesting. What if Lucas actually used his unique ability to re-release his material as a chance to improve it every time? And, obviously, I’m not talking about just technological strides as much as storytelling as well.

    I’m not a fan of 3D. I don’t think it improves the movie-going experience all that much, certainly not to warrant paying more for it. I see it as more of a gimmick to allow the film industry to make more money. Since television sets can’t adequately replicate the experience yet (at least on a mass scale), it allows them to differentiate their services and make more money off the novelty.

    I do love Star Wars, though, and would love to see it on the big screen again. But, ultimately, I’ll probably pass. Lucas has enough of my money already. 🙂

  11. Good idea.  More offerings for fans is never a bad thing.  Don’t like it…don’t go.

  12. Star Wars is a much-loved memory buried under 33 years of history.

    Mr. Lucas exhumed it once for cosmetic rework and the result was a beautiful desecration.  He then followed it with three prequels that were gorgeous and stupid and terrible.

    Now he’s dragging the original out of the crypt again for more changes.  I’d appreciate it if he’d stop before my memories of a fun set of films are replaced with memories of a gaudy corpse.

    Do something new, George.  And do something that doesn’t just look good.

  13. If I didn’t buy the Emergo, Percepto, Sens-Sur-Round and scratch-and-sniff editions, or the Special, Very Special, Extemely Special and Infinitely Special editions, why would I buy the 3D edition? Give me the original theatrical releases any day.

  14. seriously? this is not only a bad idea , but damn man, it seems like the millions he’s made from the franchise already isn’t enough for him. george they are a great classic, let them stay that way, it’s not like you need the money

  15. This is neither a good nor a bad thing.  It is what it is.

    Movies that are retroactively made 3-d don’t look very good; I point to the recent <i>Clash of the Titans</i> for proof.  The 3-d actually becomes distracting.

    I definitely won’t pay to see any of the prequels in theaters again, and the only way I’ll ever pay for theater seats on the originals is if they are just that: the original, theatrical presentations that I saw in theaters when I was a kid.

    I think we all know that ain’t gonna happen, so I’ll plan on staying home.

    Y’know, I just thought of something that may make me change my mind (and it has nothing to do with Leia’s metal bikini, as enticing as that is):  my kids are probably gonna be all over this.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with not taking them to see it.

    The things I do for my kids…

  16. What a joke. They still claim it would be too expensive to restore the theatrical editions of the original trilogy, yet they’re able to spend millions of dollars on a 3D conversion?

    Just another slap in the face to everyone who cares about the original versions.

  17. 3D technology is in its infancy, the retrofitting of 3D to Clash of the Titans had two MAJOR factors counting against it…. for one it was the 1st time it had been tried which was always going to make it difficult to do and secondly and even more importantly not only was it an untried process but it was one that was done in a hurry to rush the film into the cinemas….

    I really don’t think its fair or even rational to consider CotT to be a representative 3D conversion, one thing I am sure about is that Lucas will spend a lot of money and time on making the process look a lot better than any 2D/3D conversion films that we have seen so far. One thing that Lucas is very good at is special effects… if only he was as dedicated to every other art of movie making.

    Personally I am glad he is starting with the prequels, because quite simply I won’t bother to go and see them . However I hope by the time he gets round to A New Hope he will have the process working brilliantly and I will go and see that movie, if only for the openning scene….

  18. Steven Rose, Jr. // September 29, 2010 at 7:12 pm //

    I’d like to see how the Star Wars movies would look in 3-D.  I just hope for the original trilogy that they really will use the original trilogy and not the special editions from back in the late ’90s.  I know I may be contradicting myself here because I just said how I would like to see the movies in 3-D, but the original is not the same if it has been significantly enhanced with new scenes several years later, and I’m a purist when it comes to orignals.  So, I’m not saying 3-D would make the movies better, I would just be interested in seeing how they would look in 3-D.  Ulimately, for me, original releases always rule!  (A few exceptions maybe, such as the recent release of the special director’s cut edition of Metropolis.  Although that’s, literally, another story.)

  19. Mikey_of_Rohan // January 10, 2012 at 10:58 pm //

    One thing is for sure, every time a new way to view movies comes out, George Lucas will make sure star wars is reincarnated for that format, its just something we have to accept, just like big brother annoyingly coming back on our screens after they made a big thing of it being the last series a couple of years ago. Now channel 5 have purchased the rights to big bro, it’ll unfortunately never go away, bastards.

    So we have a choice, refuse and just remember star wars for what we know and love, or, give it a chance.

    Personally I love 3d viewing, avatar and a couple of other movies blew me away. Clash of the Titans, however, was my first experience of a film that was made without the intention of being made in 3d, and once made they thought “fuck it” and did it anyway. Which resulted in myself and my girlfriend struggling to watch it, and believe it or not we actually got our money back after the film (I will state that I don’t have a habit of doing that sort of thing) it was that bad (decent film though).

    So I will watch it, but not without a fear of dislike of the end product.

    But there is part of me that is quite excited. If George has done his research into what does and doesn’t work with 3d, and really takes the time, commitment and passion to make it look like it was originally made in 3d then it could be a sensation, for two reasons, the first is that the scenes in star wars are so vast and pleasing to the eye so he has plenty to play with, and secondly, because it wasn’t made for 3d there aren’t any shitty camera shots specifically made for an object to jump out the screen, which so many cheesy film directors focus on more these day, rather than a half decent story line. Imagine, Yoda lifting the Xwing out if the swamp, the final dog fight around the orbit of the deathstar in a new hope, the battle of hoth, the epic (and best) Darth Maul light saber fight. I’m getting excited thinking about it.

    If Lucas does this right, this will be absolutely amazing. But warning bells are already saying he to me that he hasnt. The reason why is because to make the 3d on a none 3d movie look top class, I should imagine it would take such a long time to do. Looking back at when this new 3d technology came out and the fact that the Phantom Menace comes out in a couple of months, I can’t help but think he’s rushed it.

    Time will tell.



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