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SF Fanatic: A Look At The Upcoming Fall SF/F TV Scene

The crisp, cool evenings, trees exploding into color and kids back in school all make you think of fall. But fall is also the time when network TV decides to unleash a barrage of new shows on the unsuspecting viewing public. This year is no exception and there are plenty of genre related shows, both new and returning, for the SF/F fan.

But will there be any worth watching?


Chuck (NBC)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept 20, 8/7pm

Chuck returns for a fourth season with big changes in store, considering all deaths, explosions and mayhem from last season’s finale. You can expect to see 100% more of Chuck’s mom and, hopefully, the same goofy, silly, geeky humor that makes Chuck a fun show to watch.

The Event (NBC)

Status: New

Premiers: Sept. 20, 9/8pm

Billed as “an emotional, high-octane conspiracy thriller that follows Sean Walker, an Everyman who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee, Leila, and unwittingly begins to expose the biggest cover-up in U.S. history. Conspiracies, shadowy groups, an an “event”, looks like NBC is going after the LOST crowd. Will it be a hit or the next Jericho?


No Ordinary Family (ABC)

Status: New

Permiers: Sept. 28, 8/7pm

After a plane crash in the Amazon, the Powell family discover they each have a unique superpower. They also have to discover how to enjoy being a family with superpowers. Sounds a lot like The Incredibles only a live action version.

Stargate Universe (SyFy)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 28, 9/8pm

Stargate Universe returns for season 2 with the promise of an interesting dynamic existing on Destiny as the Lucian Alliance and Rush and company struggle for control of the ship. The promo shows a lot of intriguing storylines and as the only SF show with spaceships, I’ll definitely be watching.

Sanctuary (SyFy)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 28, 10/9pm

I had no idea this show had been renewed for a season 3. I never go into it and it hasn’t done anything to change that, but if you like it, there’s more for you this season!


Undercovers (NBC)

Status: New

Premiers: Sept. 22, 8/7pm

Not really a SF show, but it’s J.J. Abrams, billed as Alias meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith (isn’t that Chuck?) and we know Abrams had SF elements in Alias. Probably worth a look.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 23, 8/7pm

The Big Bang Theory may not be the best sitcom on TV, but when it’s on, it’s hilarious. And they must be doing something right as Jim Parsons just won the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, and deservedly so. His portrayal of Sheldon is awesomely terrific.

Fringe (Fox)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 23, 9/8pm

I’ve had my issues with Fringe, but it got a lot better once they dropped the ‘monster of the week’ storylines. And with the war between realities verging on the hot and Faux-livia running around in ‘our’ universe, things could get really, really interesting.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 9, 8/7pm

It’s Twilight for the small screen and I’m so not in their target audience. Do we need any more info? No, no we don’t.

Nikita (Fox)

Status: New

Premier: Sept. 9, 9/8pm


Yet another remake of La Femme Nikita. The movie with Bridget Fonda (Point of No Return) was pretty good, but this isn’t really SF at all. So why is it here? For the completely gratuitous picture of Maggie Q. You’re welcome.


Human Target (Fox)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Oct. 1, 8/7pm

Based on the comic of the same name, Human Target may not be a stellar show, but it’s cheesy fun and any show that lets Lee Majors exercise his acting chops again is alright by me.

Smallville (CW)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 24, 8/7pm

The soap opera version of the Men of Steel’s early life. It’s so not my thing, yet it keeps getting more seasons. Someone must be watching, must be those whippersnappers I’ve seen in my lawn.

Supernatural (CW)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 24 9/8pm

Yet another show on the CW I’m proud to say I’ve never seen, though I’ve heard it’s not a bad show. Whatever. I get the feeling the CW isn’t the network for middle aged white guys.

Sym-bionic Titan (Cartoon)

Status: New

Premiers: Sept. 17, 8/7pm

Genndy Tartakovsky (worth it right there) brings us the tale of “three alien teenagers who crash-land on Earth and must protect their new home from alien invaders while navigating the perils of high school life.” Tartakovsky has made a living of Westernizing the ‘anime’ look and feel and Sym-bionic Titan is no different, being his take on the popular high school/giant mech genre of anime.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon)

Status: Returning

Premiers: Sept. 17, 9/8pm

The Clone Wars just keeps chugging along on Cartoon Network and really, why shoulnd’t it? It has the awesome Star Wars flavor with liberal amounts of Jedi and action thrown in for good measure. I may need to catch up with this.


The Walking Dead (AMC)

Status: New

Premiers: Oct. 31, 10/9pm

I’m not a zombie guy but this looks really good and with only six episodes, the time investment, and potential gross out factor, is minimized. When is Halloween again?

So let’s see, Chuck, Stargate Universe and Fringe are definite watches. The Event and The Walking Dead are the new shows I’m most interested in, which really says something about the rest of the genre shows here. Of course, my preference is for space based SF, which only SGU and a the two cartoons fit, but I really, really don’t like the vampire stuff or the more fantasy oriented shows, though the zombie show looks promising. I’ll still take a gander at most stuff just to check them out.

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9 Comments on SF Fanatic: A Look At The Upcoming Fall SF/F TV Scene

  1. Where’s V?

  2. Thanks so much for this post, JP!!

    Chuck is fantastic. Everyone should be watching Chuck.  If you gave up in season 1, you are missing out.  It’s smart, funny and full of nerd/geek scifi/fantasy type quotes, easter eggs and moments.  From Chuck’s Tron poster to Sarah wearing a ‘Frak me’ t-shirt, Chuck does not disappoint.

    I don’t get ‘The Event’.  I don’t like the marketing for it either.  it feels like a Shyma- Uh, Scyhma- Uh… that guy from The Village?  it feels like something he would do and he hasn’t done anything worthwhile in years…

    No Ordinary Family is interesting.  Chiklis is a comic book fan (also, he played The Thing in the Fantastic Four movies that are being rebooted), so I have hopes.  Plus Julie Benz is great (see Buffy/Angel, not Rambo 15) so I am willing to give this show a chance, though a small one.

    Stargate Universe needs to come back tonight.  Seriously.

    Sanctuary is bittersweet for me.  I really enjoyed the first season but season two completely lost me.  It was like they lost their focus as a show and weren’t sure what they were trying to be anymore.  I don’t know if that comes from ‘notes’ from the studio or what, but they really went all over the place and lost me after maybe the 5th episode.  I can’t imagine watching more. 

    Undercovers looks interesting, but I’m a fan of SpyFi.  Enjoyed Alias despite all the Ramboldi crapola and I like the new, ‘Alias-Lite’ show Covert Affairs, so I’ll end up giving this one a shot too.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY!  I absolutely hate this show.  It’s so stupid…

    Bazinga.  Okay, I love this show.  Everyone should watch it. 

    Fringe.  If you are not watching Fringe, I need to come smack you.  Walter Bishop is perhaps the best character on television today.  People try to compare this show to X-Files and Torchwood and a slew of others, but I think it really does stand alone.  Love the twists and turns this show provides week after week.  If you are looking for science fiction on tv that is well written, well acted and poorly promoted/marketed, Fringe is the show for you.

    The Vampire Diaries.  Ugh.  Stake me.  Please just, stake me.

    Nikita.  I’m interested in this.  I have Le Femme Nikita on DVD, the series from USA and I’m interested to see how they are going to change up the premise.  Again, SpyFi but then, I like Spyfi…

    Human target is an amusing and entertaining show.  It has something to do with a DC comic book but I’m not sure anyone is sure what that connection is…

    Smallville.  I hear this year, Clark gets a job working at Universal Studios in Florida!!  The season culminates in a pitched battle at the JAWS ride showing Clark leaping the metal beast…

    Supernatural is a great show.  If you like classic rock, the soundtrack is fantastic.  The angels/demon/end of the world plot has grown very tired.  I liked the show much better when it was about two brothers driving across the country solving ghost stories that were based on urban legends…

    Sym-bionic Titan – never hoid of it before today.  Huh.

    Clone Wars – love this show.  Much more than I thought I ever would.

    The Waking Dead trailer looks really good.  I have high expectations for this show.

    Thanks again JP – great post!



  3. V is not returning this fall. I’m assuming it will be back for the next season, probably in January or February.

    The better question is: Why should V return?

  4. Joshua Corning // September 2, 2010 at 10:24 pm //

    The Walking Dead is the next Star Trek/X-files.

    Pretty sure this show will blow people’s socks off.

    To bad it is about friggin zombies.

  5. I don’t care.


  6. Mark Stephenson // September 3, 2010 at 4:26 pm //

    Zero interest, except Stargate Universe. And thank God for Comcast’s On Demand service that allows me to see the episodes without once having to channel over to that garbage can known as SyFy, at least until the boxed DVD sets come out. I never once watched Stargate Atlantis on SyFy. Always waited for the DVD sets. I simply cannot stand the endless bilge of promotions for giant sharks, giant octopus, giant crocodiles, giant hummingbirds, giant cocker spaniels, giant hamsters and the asteroid-strike-of-the-week movies. Never, ever watched Galactica on SyFy. DVD boxed sets are the greatest inventions since fire, the wheel and Sham-Wows.

  7. Give Supernatural a chance. It’s not your normal CW fare (which explains why it has such a huge following). šŸ˜‰

  8. Jim Shannon // September 10, 2010 at 1:31 am //

    I’m excited about Doctor Who but what about Warhammer 40K to the small screen? As for all the original question, my response is-meh.

  9. Apparently Sanctury has been bumped from tue (following SG:U) and instead Caprica is going to fill that slot. Sanctury is going to be shown on Fridays instead (not sure what start date)

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