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Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Trailer

The new Fall TV season is now underway, with many new and returning SF/F shows to choose from. The one that I am probably looking forward to the most is the return of Stargate Universe. I was ambivalent towards the show after the first half of the season, but the second half became much more interesting and being pretty much the only SF show with other worlds, spaceships, and aliens, it’s on my short list of ‘must watch as soon as I possibly can’ TV shows. And with LOST over, SGU sits alone on that list.

The new season starts on Sept. 28th, at 9/8pm on SyFy. Here is the trailer for the season 2 premier, which has a quick overview of events from season 1 plus hints for season 2. Bring it on!

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3 Comments on Stargate Universe Season 2 Premiere Trailer

  1. Agree on the first half of season one. For a while there my wife and I were calling it “Sexgate Universe”. The BSG-level of drama was ridiculous and a blatant ripoff. But while BSG at least remained interesting, SGU was pretty bland. They pretty much lost me when on that one episode where they jumped into other people’s bodies back on Earth via their ancient body switcheroo device then proceeded to spend the whole episode in the disco! That and the constant “I’m in someone else’s body but I’m still going to have sex with my SO” (and the SO doesn’t care that I’m in someone else’s body!) was pretty ridiculous.

    My wife is more interested in the new season than I am, but I’ll probably tune in at least to see if they can improve on season one (shouldn’t be too hard).

  2. I wasn’t too impressed with the show…when I watched it on TV. But my wife bought me the DVD’s of Season 1.0 and in watching it back-to-back, it worked a lot better. Got to get re-caught up!

    Good trailer, recap of the season. Now where’s my desk model of the “Destiny”?

  3. This show has so much potential, but I felt they really dropped the ball in the first season.  I felt like I was stuck on the ship with a bunch of emo teenagers screaming at each other.  Really frustrating.

    Get off the ship.  Explore more planets/civilizations.  Have more adventures.  That being said, I’m ready for season 2.  =)

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