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98 Free Speculative Fiction Stories by 58 Authors

Another batch of free fiction is up at Free Speculative Fiction Online:

  1. Christopher Anvil: “Behind the Sandrat Hoax
  2. Christopher Anvil: “Bugs
  3. Christopher Anvil: “Captive Leaven
  4. Christopher Anvil: “Compensation
  5. Christopher Anvil: “Doc’s Legacy
  6. Christopher Anvil: “High G
  7. Christopher Anvil: “Identification
  8. Christopher Anvil: “Interesting Times
  9. Christopher Anvil: “Merry Christmas from Outer Space
  10. Christopher Anvil: “Negative Feedback
  11. Christopher Anvil: “Nerves
  12. Christopher Anvil: “No Small Enemy
  13. Christopher Anvil: “Not in the Literature
  14. Christopher Anvil: “Positive Feedback
  15. Christopher Anvil: “Rags from Riches
  16. Christopher Anvil: “Sinful City
  17. Christopher Anvil: “Speed-Up
  18. Christopher Anvil: “Superbiometalemon
  19. Christopher Anvil: “The Gentle Earth
  20. Christopher Anvil: “The Golden Years
  21. Christopher Anvil: “The Great Intellect Boom
  22. Christopher Anvil: “The Law Breakers
  23. Christopher Anvil: “The New Way
  24. Christopher Anvil: “The Plateau
  25. Christopher Anvil: “Two-Way Communication
  26. Margaret Ball: “Career Day
  27. Jerome Bixby: “The Slizzers
  28. Mark Bourne: “On the Road of Silver
  29. Pat Cadigan: “Life on Earth
  30. Erin Cashier: “Chinvat Bridge
  31. Erin Cashier: “Cruciger
  32. Erin Cashier: “Eighth Eye
  33. Erin Cashier: “Hangman
  34. Erin Cashier: “The Alchemist’s Feather
  35. Ted Chiang: “The Lifecycle of Software Objects
  36. Roger Dee: “Problem on Balak
  37. David Drake: “The Enchanted Bunny
  38. Dave Dryfoos: “New Hire
  39. Hal Duncan: “Styx Water and a Sippy Cup
  40. Rosemary Edghill: “The New Britomart
  41. Sarah L. Edwards: “The Girl Who Tasted the Sea
  42. Willow Fagan: “Cockatrice Girl Meets Statue Boy
  43. Willow Fagan: “Scatter and Return, the Eyes of the Princess
  44. Willow Fagan: “The Interior of Mister Bumblethorn’s Coat
  45. Toiya Kristen Finley: “Dearest Etruria
  46. Toiya Kristen Finley: “Love, &c. – From 506 JB
  47. Toiya Kristen Finley: “Over the End, and Over Again…
  48. Toiya Kristen Finley: “The Death of Sugar Daddy
  49. Toiya Kristen Finley: “The Odaeneid
  50. Laura Frankos: “The Old Grind
  51. Dave Freer & Eric Flint: “The Witch’s Murder
  52. Esther M. Friesner: “Gunsel and Gretel
  53. Stephen Gaskell: “Gamed
  54. Ron Goulart: “McNamara’s Fish
  55. Rosamund Hodge: “Broken
  56. Rosamund Hodge: “City of Angels
  57. Rosamund Hodge: “I Have Heard the Angels Singing, Each to Each
  58. Rosamund Hodge: “More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand
  59. Rosamund Hodge: “Textual Variants
  60. William Hope Hodgson: “The Whistling Room
  61. Matthew Johnson: “Long Pig
  62. Michael M. Jones: “Claus of Death
  63. Rahul Kanakia: “Death’s Flag Is Never At Half-Mast
  64. Rahul Kanakia: “The Association of the Dead
  65. Rahul Kanakia: “The Cheap Crusade
  66. David Barr Kirtley: “The Black Bird
  67. Joe R. Lansdale: “Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man’s Back
  68. Ann Leckie: “Beloved of the Sun
  69. David D. Levine: “Finding Joan
  70. Holly Lisle: “Armor-Ella
  71. Katherine MacLean: “The Natives
  72. Sandra McDonald: “Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots
  73. Elizabeth Moon: “And Ladies of the Club
  74. Kris Neville: “She Knew He was Coming
  75. Jody Lynn Nye: “The Growling
  76. Richard Parks: “Fox Tails
  77. Richard Parks: “Lady of the Ghost Willow
  78. Tony Pi: “The Curse of Chimère
  79. Cat Rambo: “Clockwork Fairies
  80. Laura Resnick: “Doppelganger
  81. Mike Resnick: “The Adventure of the Pearly Gates
  82. Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling: “Good Night, Moon
  83. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough: “The Stone of War and the Nightingale’s Egg
  84. Lawrence Schimel: “Alimentary, My Dear Watson
  85. Ekaterina Sedia: “Citizen Komarova Finds Love
  86. Robert Sheckley: “Ask a Foolish Question
  87. Susan Shwartz: “Exchange Program
  88. Janni Lee Simner: “Bra Melting
  89. Steve Rasnic Tem: “Dying on the Elephant Road
  90. Brian M. Thomsen: “The Case of the Skinflint’s Specters
  91. Lavie Tidhar: “Monsters
  92. Harry Turtledove: “Goddess for a Day
  93. Harry Turtledove: “The Seventh Chapter
  94. Greg van Eekhout: “Ghost Market
  95. David Vierling: “Armor/Amore
  96. Bryce Walton: “By Earthlight
  97. Gene Wolfe: “The Detective of Dreams
  98. Roger Zelazny: “Lady of Steel
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