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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for November 2010

Daily Science Fiction has announced its November 2010 line-up of stories.

  • 11/1/2010: “Faith” by Mario Milosevic
  • 11/2/2010: “The Value of Folding Space” by Tim Patterson
  • 11/3/2010: “Over Tea” by T. M. Thomas
  • 11/4/2010: “Dragon Dreams on Cardboard Wings and Tiny Scraps of Yellow” by Christopher Kastensmidt
  • 11/5/2010: “Essence of Truth” by Erin M. Hartshorn
  • 11/8/2010: “The Closer” by Ari B. Goelman,
  • 11/9/2010: “Chaos theory” by Shannon Luke Ryan
  • 11/10/2010: “Winning Streak” by Nicky Drayden
  • 11/11/2010: “One Year Later” by K.J. Kabza,
  • 11/12/2010: “Outside the Box” by Brian Winfrey
  • 11/15/2010: “Cruel Mountain” by T.D. Carroll
  • 11/16/2010: “Supply and Demand” by William Meikle
  • 11/17/2010: “Hypotheticals” by Darren Latta
  • 11/18/2010: “What Lies Between the…” by Greg van Eekhout
  • 11/19/2010: “The Piper” by Mai L. Lee
  • 11/22/2010: “Some Day My Prince Will…” by Sheila Crosby
  • 11/23/2010: “Dear Ms Moon” by Liz Argall
  • 11/24/2010: “A Day Like No Other” by Shawn Wade
  • 11/25/2010: “Lottery” by Nathan Wellman
  • 11/26/2010: “Flashback” by Melissa Mead
  • 11/29/2010: “Questions” by Jacob A.Boyd
  • 11/30/2010: “Appalled Science” by Andrew Kaye
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    • how much reality is there  in life on mars?
    • does life really exist there?
    • does water exist on mars?

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