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Happy Halloween! Here’s The World’s Scariest Story

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

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  1. I have a sister Toni who pulls cartlige from her nose she thinks no one nos and then theres jelly with the big belly revenge hers because shes this and then there tina a true cinderlla lives in the five and dime doing time for a man whos fine as wine shes looking for love but has no clothes the family stole the goverment nos and then theres friends of the evil half sisters destroying her home calling her names cant stand the fame says shes sick we cant stand it  noing the truth is there ate in the head so what dose she do calls the red white and blue saying you who they say no can do becase of lies started on you so they sabatage to the truth is sanja a motel owner evil doer intown never wears a frown there money to get he will hit his beutiful wife cant stand the boring life dreams of a sports car in her life a hotel owner a claravint to hes on to you you aint got the rent then house rules get bent he helps the bank for a buck or to he pockets the cash and poor cinderlla  tina has no do she crys in the nite for the pain she fights wants love in her life pictures to make her look guilty to poor woman will never get threw because were making thi of you by gosh you wont take all are dos we will all lie on you and those friends of the ugly half sisters the prostitute robin who loves her do useing to get threw lies on poor little tina noing they lison because you no the anser to this her husband Bud loves the big woman wish gets him his cash and he plays them for that and they start rumors for the Bud to poor little Tina then gayla mrs mental innstatute looks like a troll doll happy to hurt because of the curse the towns States Attourney she hates her a.. nos how she gets her side cash cant trus her Ill do to now what will you do no life no love she says gps her specialty keeps thing perfectly clean no one will no a thing no what shes looking at you no one will help little Tina shes doomed by a town who set her up on pictures to look bad some some not they love that alot even with a gps you can b set up the towns whipping post she shirley this not a nut she hates there guts becase they want to keep there dirty deads 2 there selfsor lie like he.. hartbroke little tina on north 12

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