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Sean Young’s 1983 ‘Backstage at Dune’ Footage

Actress Sean Young apparently carried around a video camera on the set of David Lynch’s 1984 film Dune. Here’s some fantastic on-set footage of the actors (including 2 of science fiction’s most classically trained actors: Patrick Stewart and…Sting), all of whom look way more happy than they probably looked when the reviews started rolling in. And – gasp!- Lady Jessica hikes up her dress! How unbecoming of a Bene Gesserit…

[via Blastr]

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2 Comments on Sean Young’s 1983 ‘Backstage at Dune’ Footage

  1. Joshua Corning // October 24, 2010 at 5:31 am //

    I actually loved the Lynch Dune movie.

    I remember getting a definition list at the theater that explained all the weird terms they used.

    I read the book years later but the movie was a unique experience. it had a pretty easy to follow the plot but it had all this exotic semi-explained sub plots and details of the world that fascinated me. I had two older brothers who had read the book and they explained stuff to me but to be honest what was left unexplained actually made the whole experience weirder and in fact better.

    Before the movie i had an idea about the book mostly from looking at the cool art on the book covers and Dune calendars in book stores that had these awesome pictures of the worms with tiny human figures on rolling desert landscapes. The exotic nature of the whole thing really got my early teen mind going.

    Another thing that added to it was the fact it was not Star Wars. The unpopularity of the movie allowed me to hold it in my head for my own exploration without all the bullshit toys and other kids constantly talking about it to fuck it up.

  2. I saw this movie at the theatre when I was in second grade, and it made me fall in love with sci-fi. In high school I recorded it off of HBO and watched it every time I had a day off. I didn’t read the books until I was much older, and I have lost count of how many times I have read them since. It may have been a flop at the box office, but I still love it.

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