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See New Tron Legacy Scenes In Daft Punk’s Video ‘Derezzed’

The Tron Legacy goodies continue to drop every Tuesday in the run up to the Dec. 19th release. This week’s surprise was a music video for Daft Punk’s track, from the movie score, called ‘Derezzed’. What’s cool about this video is that we get to see some more clips from the film.

I totally love the look of the Tron world (love, love, love the new Recognizers). So sharp, clean and computer-y. I really think they captured the feel of the original and have updated it for today. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. You simply must watch the video in 1080p, it’s awesome. That said, the white haired DJ-ish guy seems cheesy and out of place. Hopefully he’s not in the movie for very long.

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