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SF Signal Welcomes Clifton Hill!

SF Signal welcomes Clifton Hill to our ever-expanding blog army!

To help you get to know Clifton, we asked to tell us about himself. here’s what he said:

Clifton Hill is an aspiring fantasy novelist and freelance digital artist. You can find him on his blog and twitter where he enjoys a good chat about books and other media in the sci-fi and fantasy domain. Occasionally you can see some of his art which runs the gamut from 3D work, to illustrations and more. Drawn into genre fiction with the works of Asimov in the early years, he moved on to love video games and drawing. (Recent favorites include Jordan, Martin, Rowling, Sanderson, etc.) Immersion in the media eventually blossomed an epic fantasy story idea, only to be shelved while other pursuits were…well…pursued. Rediscovering the love of writing, Clifton has written a short story, started several others, and is near to finishing an epic fantasy novel on a mythical warrior called Hestea Hammerblood. Excerpts of his writing are available on his blog where he likes to talk about the process, books, and whatever else may pop up.

Welcome aboard, Clifton!

Since strong hints like “newbie buys bagels for everybody” don’t seem to be taking hold, I will forgo the usual pandering. However, I will note here without comment that such a position sets me up perfectly for a bagel surprise. Say, something in an everything bagel.

While I contemplate the baked goodness of bageliciousness, check out Clifton’s first SF Signal post, a review of Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson!

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

6 Comments on SF Signal Welcomes Clifton Hill!

  1. Welcome aboard, twitter friend!

  2. Thanks for the welcome aboard, John, and thanks for the opportunity to share some of my words with your gargantuan audience. Your bagel is in the mail. It has everything on it, including the postage…should I have wrapped it in something? I don’t know, I’m never any good at mailing bagels.

    Thanks, Aidan, nice to be here. Now what will I write for my next post??? I’m mired in the hugeness of another Sanderson book: Way of Kings. So maybe that one. It’s a behemoth though, so we’ll see how long that takes to get through. So far it is shaping up very well AND making me feel like a rank amateur with my own writing. The nerve.

  3. Congrats, my friend! All these people are disappearing to the lair of John DeNardo- I feel like the podcast will only climb from here…..again, congratulations!

  4. John,

    He’s in that city by the bay – the one with the giant oragney-red bridge. This means he has access to


  5. …oh, yeah – uh… Welcome aboard…



  6. Little segue there while Patrick waxed poetic about chocolate. Yes. Ghirardelli square has some tasty treats.

    Thanks Dan for the welcome. Surprisingly enough DeNardo’s lair does not include an indestructible highly advanced mechanized alloy dragon.

    It’s actually a Massive Monster Bagel with everything on it–otherwise unthreatening, except the cream cheese expired ages ago.

    One touch…could kill.

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