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Stargate Universe Recap: ‘Awakening’

[Warning: Spoilers ensue.]

Tell the truth now. Who wasn’t squicked out by the scorpion clicking sound the new Seed Ship aliens made as they closed ranks on Telford in Tuesday night’s SGU episode “Awakening?”

Telford is now stranded with the aliens! Awesome. This development has opened up a new exciting avenue for the show. Since we’ve been privy to Telford’s point of view before, I hope we get to see some development of this storyline. I’d rather not have him disappear for half a season only to show up later to wreck havoc on Destiny. Sure, I hope he wrecks a lot of havoc, but I also hope we get to see some sort of transformation leading up to that. They’ve established that Telford has been brainwashed once, so it stands that he’s ripe for that kind of manipulation again. Or not. Maybe these are geeky scientist aliens who come in peace. (Mmm, ok, sure.)

One question though: Can the seed ship gate back to Earth? Is the seed ship the ticket home for Telford and the road to Destiny for other characters?

Having the first alien who showed up immediately collapse was an unexpected break from the cliche of the scientist being held captive by an angry alien. I liked that Telford and Young came to terms in this episode and it made sense that once their conflict was resolved Telford needed a new purpose. It takes guts to boot a character off the ship and the writers have shown a consistent determination to take risks on this show. The days could be numbered for any of SGU‘s characters.

On the other hand, they’ve set Eli up as a whiz kid, but evidently he has no whiz. Maybe he should stop playing with his Kino all day and get up to speed on Destiny’s systems. I know that Rush is an über-genuis, but Eli figured out the Ancients’ language in a video game and yet, even teamed up with Park, neither of them had a clue how to fix the power drain. On the bright side, Brody and Volker shined. More of that please — and maybe even showing Park getting something right would be great too. Or better yet, let Supernatural girl out of the brig.

chloes_alien_eczema.jpgOne of the previews from last week showed Chloe with scaly alien skin where her gunshot wound healed, but we didn’t see that in this episode. No one seems overly concerned about the fact that she was all but dead and now is completely healed. I know, I know, next week has something new in store for Chloe. We get to see the pretty girl do advanced math! Meanwhile, actual-scientist Park just keeps pulling Greer’s hamstrings.

[Left, Chloe has alien eczema.]

I like the friendship/relationship brewing between T.J. and Varro, even though Varro’s conclusion about life (“life is loss”) was a real bummer. Rather than a thematic statement on the show, I hope this is a starting point for these two characters to help each other heal. I really like Mike Dopud as Varro and considering he’s played three other Stargate characters in the past, I hope this time he gets to stick around for a while. (I probably just handed him a red shirt…)

And Rush. Surely he’s tipped his hand now. Finally, Young is noticing the gaps in time Rush has gone missing and disconnecting the two ships will hopefully put all the cards out on the table. That is, if Eli, Park, Brody, or Volker finally see some evidence of Rush’s recent access to the real bridge.

SGU now has three alien species to deal with: Blueberry Aliens, Obelisk Builders, and the new clicky skullcaps. Hopefully the crew will be interacting with them on a regular basis.

Ending indie-emo montage song: “Sort Of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)” by Fink

And the Season Two trailer…just because:

3 Comments on Stargate Universe Recap: ‘Awakening’

  1. Lisa – here’s a question – is this THE seed ship?  Is there more than one?  If this is the only one, does that mean there’s no Stargates ahead of them? (probably not the only one but it’s a worthwhile question)

    I, too, like Supernatural Gal.  I’d like to see her spread her wings…  Yes, I went there.

    I knew Telford was going to be stranded on the other ship as soon as it arrived.  How?  Because Young is in command and they have to do something with Telford to get him out of the way so Young can do commandery things and make mistakes – You might say that it was Telfordgraphed… TWO PUNS IN ONE COMMENT – I’M ON FIRE!

    I had an opportunity to ask someone in the know about Chloe recently… More on that later.

    I have been thrilled with the fact that they are encountering new and different aliens.  I want to see NO REPLICATORS on this show, for example.  I hope they keep it coming cuz I’m gonna keep watching…


  2. If there’s only one seed ship, while interesting, I bet the series would be over. The have to keep the potential for other gates hanging over the audience. It’s already bleek enough. Plus, would the Ancients really have no redundancy plan in place by having only one Seed Ship? I think those aliens highjacked it. From the looks of its corridors, it wasn’t meant for anyone to move around on it.

    I don’t want to see Replicators either. They were sort of interesting at first, but after a while I became bored of them.

    Absolutely agree with you on Telford, awesome pun and all. The question is, what will Telford be like when he surfaces again?

    Are you really going to keep me in the dark about Chloe? Really? Really?

  3. Lisa,

    Yes, yes he is. I can say, though, that the darkness shall be lifted in the very near future. Sadly, I don’t have a pun to use here.

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