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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 013): Interview with Joseph Mallozzi + The Best Genre Shows on the Air and Why You Should Be Watching Them

In the thirteenth episode of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester is joined by Fred Kiesche, John DeNardo, Lisa Paitz Spindler, Jeff Patterson, Jay Garmon & Matthew Sanborn Smith to discuss:

Q: What are the best genre TV shows on the air right now and why should we be watching them?

Caprica, Stargate: Universe, Fringe, Clone Wars…what we’re watching and why should you should be watching them too.

Later, Patrick Hester , JP Frantz, John Anealio & John DeNardo sit down to chat with Joseph Mallozzi, Executive Producer of Stargate: Universe.



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8 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 013): Interview with Joseph Mallozzi + The Best Genre Shows on the Air and Why You Should Be Watching Them

  1. The new Sherlock Holmes on PBS written by Dr Who’s Steven Moffat is fun.

    I can’t say that about any of the other shows.

  2. Misfits – this show had a phenomenal 1st season, and season 2 is about to get going in November. This show has taken the baton lifted by the 1st season of Heroes and made a fantastical adult based drama. The mix of urban British culture, comedy and a thought provoking look at what super powers might actually mean to the person who has been given them made this the must watch show of last year. THis is certainly the best British Genre show since Being Human.

    Fringe is also high on my list of favourites at the moment, I love how this season they seem to be aiming the show directly at the core audience and trusting us to maintain the viewing figures rather than making a mad scramble to try and maintain ‘mass appeal’ that has ruined many other genre shows that have hit it big.

    For me both Caprica and SG:U are interesting shows of which I have high hopes, but seem to be struggling to realign themselves for their new seasons. Caprica is havinga a massive change of pace of characters that will probably take a few more weeks to shake out, whilst SG:U seems to me to be struggling a little, threatening to sink back into the worst bits of SG and SG:A with uber powerful alien races, I am also getting mighty annoyed with their over usage of musical montages at the end of episodes… they did a couple in the 1st season that were quite frankly sublime, but now it seems that they have clued into this so think giving us more of the same (without the respective build up and perfect moment/music) just fall flat.

    I am also curious to hear the panels views on ‘The Event’, a show that I stopped watching midway through the second episode because I found it so lacking in every regard when it comes to compelling TV, but it seems to be going down great guns with its American audience and I just can’t see why…


  3. The only genre show I’ve been watching is the new Futurama (maybe that’s what the dog was trying to tell you?).  I just recorded the new Sherlock Holmes on ‘Masterpiece Mystery!’ on pbs.  The 1st Walking Dead is on AMC next Sunday.


  4. im really diggin Caprica. the pilot movie was really great, the show leaves a slight “meh” taste in my mouth from time to time, but overall pretty great.

    I just cant get into SGU for some reason. maybe it feels a little too contrived….not really sure. but i keep watching it hoping it will get better.

  5. Ive tried to watch SG:U…but I cant get into it.

    The continual crutch of the communication stones (even though I heard in the podcast that they are scheduled for termination…God, I hope they arent replaced by something else) really set my teeth on edge.

    And Rush with the ghost in the head…”BSG did it!”




  6. @TW: The more I think about Rush’s hallucinations, the more I wonder if it’s a result of his time with the Blueberry Aliens. We pretty much know that Chloe’s recent changes are due to them, so it stands to reason Rush is affected too. It may explain Rush’s secrecy, which is a bit much for even someone as driven as he is.

  7. How do blueberry aliens taste with whip cream?


  8. I had to give up on SGU, just not in the spirit of the Stargate I loved. Sorry.

    Did enjoy your podcast though! I shall listen in the future.

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