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TOC: ‘The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #21’ and ‘The Mammoth Book of The Best of Best New Horror: Two Decades of Dark Fiction’ edited by Stephen Jones

Peter Tennant has posted the table of contents for two anthologies:

First The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #21 edited by Stephen Jones:

  1. “The Woods” by Michael Kelly
  2. “Throttle” by Joe Hill and Stephen King
  3. “Out and Back” by Barbara Roden
  4. “Respects” by Ramsey Campbell
  5. “Cold to the Touch” by Simon Strantzas
  6. “The Game of Bear” by M R James and Reggie Oliver
  7. “Shem-el-Nessim: An Inspiration in Perfume” by Chris Bell
  8. “What Happens When You Wake Up in the Night” by Michael Marshall Smith
  9. “The Reunion” by Nicholas Royle
  10. “Mami Wata” by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  11. “Venturi” by Richard Christian Matheson
  12. “Party Talk” by John Gaskin
  13. “Two Steps Along the Road” by Terry Dowling
  14. “The Axholme Toll” by Mark Valentine
  15. “Granny’s Grinning” by Robert Shearman
  16. “In the Garden” by Rosalie Parker
  17. “After the Ape” by Stephen Volk
  18. “The Nonesuch” by Brian Lumley
  19. “Princess of the Night” by Michael Kelly

Second is the retroscpective anthology The Mammoth Book of The Best of Best New Horror: Two Decades of Dark Fiction, which takes one story from each of the 20 preceding volumes in the series:

  1. “No Sharks in the Med” by Brian Lumley
  2. “The Man Who Drew Cats” by Michael Marshall Smith
  3. “The Same in Any Language” by Ramsey Campbell
  4. “Norman Wisdom and the Angel of Death” by Christopher Fowler
  5. “Mefisto in Onyx” by Harlan Ellison
  6. “The Temptation of Dr Stein” by Paul J. McAuley
  7. “Queen of Knives” by Neil Gaiman
  8. “The Break” by Terry Lamsley
  9. “Emptiness Spoke Eloquent” by Caitlín R Kiernan
  10. “Mr Clubb and Mr Cuff” by Peter Straub
  11. “White” by Tim Lebbon
  12. “The Other Side of Midnight: Anno Dracula, 1981” by Kim Newman
  13. “Cleopatra Brimstone” by Elizabeth Hand
  14. “20th Century Ghost” by Joe Hill
  15. “The White Hands” by Mark Samuels
  16. “My Death” by Lisa Tuttle
  17. “Haeckel’s Tale” by Clive Barker
  18. “Devil’s Smile” by Glen Hirshberg
  19. “The Church on the Island” by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  20. “The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates” by Stephen King
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