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BOOK TRAILER: ‘Hull Zero Three’ by Greg Bear

Set in the darkest, coldest reaches of space, Hull Zero Three is the story of one man who wakes up cold, alone, and confused on a starship that seems to be determined to kill him. The book has a lot in common with first person shooters – man wakes up lost and alone on a ship taken over by monstrous creatures – but it also displays the rock-solid science and intellect that make Bear such a phenomenal voice in SF.

The textures, design and walkthrough for the trailer were built with help from the Quake 2 World project – a free, standalone first person shooter video game —

You can read the first three chapters here.

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3 Comments on BOOK TRAILER: ‘Hull Zero Three’ by Greg Bear

  1. Could’ve used some monologue, even it was a simple “Hello, is anyone there?”, but it was a lovely initiative nonetheless.

  2. I didn’t really like the trailer, it looks to much amateur for me, but the idea of the book sound very interesting.

  3. Video is pretty dull if you’re ever played a video game.

    I do want to read the book anyway.

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