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Cowboys And Aliens Looks Cheesy Fun

So Yahoo dropped a trailer for the upcoming film Cowboys and Aliens. Now Cowboys tangling with Aliens sounds like something totally ridiculous you’d get from a game of Civilization, but the movie has a sort of Brisco County Jr. vibe going for it, which is nice. Daniel Craig certainly looks the part of a Western hero, Harrison Ford looks old and Olivia Wilde looks, I dunno, I’ve never been sure if she’s hot or just different. But considering she’s in this and TRON: Legacy, her geek cred is rapidly climbing.

It looks like it could be cheesy fun.

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3 Comments on Cowboys And Aliens Looks Cheesy Fun

  1. Not usually my style, but it looks good. It doesn’t hurt that I really enjoy Craig, and Ford seems to be finding his legs as an older actor.

    Oh, Wilde is both.

  2. I can’t wait to see this movie!!!! It looks nice and gritty, too.

  3. I wonder where did Daniel Craig find such a tough-looking expression… bet this cowboy of his could kick Bond’s ass.

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