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Great Black Friday Game Sales

Black Friday is here and, as usual, stores everywhere try their best to get you into their stores by pricing items you may want at insane prices (not to mention opening in the wee hours and offering those insane prices only before the sun is shining…). But online stores are in on the act too and as a bonus, you don’t have to get out of your jammies to buy some really good stuff at great prices. First up, Amazon’s list (go here to get the deals, all are while supplies and time last):


Halo: Reach – The Halo saga, as produced by Bungie, comes to a conclusion with this game, which is actually a prequel to all the other Halo games out there. In Reach, you are thrust in the middle of the events that lead to the Pillar of Autumn‘s fleeing Covenant Forces and ending up at the first Halo. Even with no Master Chief, Reach is a terrific FPS game in it’s own right and the story is paced exceptionally well, even if you know how it ends. Only $30(!) while supplies last.

Fallout New Vegas – While many people consider New Vegas to be nothing more than an expansion pack for Fallout 3 (it uses the same engine and assets), I think this is still a very fun game. There’s a whole new storyline set in the desert in and around New Vegas and there is a ton of stuff to do and see. If you liked Fallout 3 you should enjoy New Vegas. I’ve had it for a month and a half and I’m maybe halfway done, but then again, I am a completest. $30 – $35 depending on your platform of choice.

Fable III – The latest entry in the Fable series from Lionhead Studios and Peter Molyneaux, III is set 50 years after II and the world of Albion is in the midst of an industrial revolution. Your actions as the ‘hero’ are reflected in the world at large and you get to decide what kind of King or Queen you’ll be and what type of world you’ll create. Know for giving players a large array of actions for a given event, Fable III looks no different and $30 is a great price for a recently release game.

Not to be outdone, Valve Software’s (Half-Life, Portal, etc) Steam service (digital downloads) has their own Thanksgiving sale going on and today they have a really fun game at a very small price:

Torchlight – If you love action RPGs, like Diablo or Titan’s Quest, you really owe it to yourself to try Torchlight, which has all the addicting gameplay you expect with a couple of nice additions, all wrapped up in a very shiny and polished wrapper. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Torchlight at $20, but at today’s price for only $5, it’s almost like stealing candy from a baby. Only without all the crying or cavities.

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