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TRAILER: ‘Source Code’ Directed by Duncan Jones

A SciFi-Thriller version of Groundhog Day from Duncan Jones, the director of Moon.

[via Bleeding Cool]

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3 Comments on TRAILER: ‘Source Code’ Directed by Duncan Jones

  1. Veru cool looking trailer, shame that they have presented it in a way that echos Inception so strongly although I can see why the marketing people might think that a good idea. I hope this gets a better cinema release than Moon (which came no where near me).

  2. This one looks really great!  You gotta love the cast and Moon was fantastic.  I’m excited to see what Duncan Jones can do with a big budget!  My expectations may ultimately doom my experience when this comes out but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to deliver the goods.

  3. That’s not Groundhog Day, that’s a Deja Vu remake.  Only, instead of a lens that can see into the future it’s a Matrix-thingie that can put you into people’s heads.

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