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Tron Evolution Avatar Items For The Xbox 360


It’s come to this. The vast merchandising machine that George Lucas create way back when with the original Star Wars has made it’s way into the virtual universe via the Xbox Live Marketplace. As of today, you (if you have a 360) will have the opportunity to purchase virtual clothing items and themes to dress up your avatar and 360 backdrops. These items aren’t from Tron: Legacy, but, in fact, are from the game Tron: Evolution, which tells the story of what happened between the first movie and the new one.

So what will be available? I’ll let the press release speak for itself…

TRON: Evolution props include a light disc, battle baton, TRON bit, and miniature versions of light cycles, a light tank, and a recognizer. The avatar can hold and throw a light disc or wield a battle baton from the game. The light cycles speed around the avatar, leaving a light trail on the ground as they battle each other. A TRON: Evolution premium theme will also be available. This theme features images from the game and makes the player’s friends appear with TRON: Evolution backdrops and items.

Here are a few pics of some of the avatar items:

troncycles.png trondisk.png tronrecog.png

I’m such a geek that I’m really considering getting at least the theme. I really like how all this stuff looks and considering I’ve dropped real money for virtual items for Runes of Magic, there’s really no roadblock stopping me. (Shh! Don’t tell my wife!)

Is that wrong?

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