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Chuck Recap: ‘Chuck Vs. The Leftovers’

Show: Chuck

Episode Title: “Chuck versus The Leftovers”

Air Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010

Network: NBC

After saving Chuck from the Belgian in Thailand, it looks like it’s back to normal for Team Bartowski. This week, Black Friday comes to the BuyMore. Chuck and Morgan go to ‘defense training’, better known as ‘strip kick’ (yes – there were poles involved). Ellie and Awesome dig deeper into the laptop her dad left while preparing for a special ‘leftover’ dinner with Chuck and Sarah. Jeff and Lester have a plan to get rich by keeping all the smart phones for themselves and selling them on eBay and Alexi Volkov (Timothy Dalton), wants Chuck dead once and for all.

Warning: Spoilers abound…

The strip kick scene sets the tone for a funny episode of Chuck chocked full of pop culture references from Terminator to Die Hard. When Alexi Volkov (Dalton) learns that Chuck is still alive, he orders Chuck’s mom, Frost (Linda Hamilton), to use three of his best assassins to get rid of Chuck once and for all. She uses the assassins, but kills them before they can kill Chuck, delivering a line she must’ve been dying to say for thirty years:

“Come with me if you want to live.”


Back at the BuyMore, Sarah and Casey attempt to interrogate Chuck’s mom while Morgan closes the BuyMore following the Black Friday sale. A beautiful woman cons Jeff into letting her into the store, then drugs him and Lester, allowing Volkov and a a team of bad guys access to the store. He quickly takes over and threatens to kill everyone unless Chuck releases Frost, whom Volkov admits, he is in love with.

Die Hard homage – Morgan is in his office when the BuyMore is taken over, soaking his feet in one of those foot massager baths. He’s barefoot, wearing tan pants and a white muscle shirt ala John McLane. And just like McLane, he enters the air ducts of the building. There are several Die Hard moments that follow including: he spills thumb tacks on the floor, then steps on them, cutting up his feet, later, his feet are wrapped in bloody rags. He even tapes a gun to his back and attempts to surrender to the bad guys, then reaching for the gun says, “Yippee ki-yay mother-” and then fails to pull the gun from his back no matter how hard he tries.

Volkov learns that Chuck is Frost’s son and that she has a daughter as well and invites himself to dinner on the threat of killing everyone if they ‘try anything’. Chuck manages to tell Awesome what’s going on and gets him and Ellie to safety but not without Volkov realizing what’s going on. He allows Awesome and Ellie to leave, then threatens to kill Sarah to ‘teach Chuck a lesson’.

Momma Bartowski puts her foot down and convinces Volkov to leave her family or else.

In the wrap up, Awesome gives Chuck the laptop he and Ellie have been messing with and, you guessed it – Chuck gets the Intersect back.

The ‘defense training’, which turned out to be pole dancing, cracked me up. Especially when Chuck and Morgan stuck around and were actually trying it out, which came in handy when the assassins attacked and Chuck did a pole-spin-kick to take out a bad guy.

The Die Hard homage was brilliant. Loved it! Morgan, shirtless, limping, feet wrapped in bloody rags, shirt gone – he was channeling Bruce Willis.

The rest of the show had some moments but wasn’t a favorite for me. Timothy Dalton seems to be embracing a bit of typecasting as the ‘over the top’ bad guy. First as Rassilon in Doctor Who, and now as Volkov. He goes from quiet intimidation to spittle spraying maniac in a heartbeat.

The laptop – it’s way too easy. I know Chuck likes to wrap things up with a neat little bow, but the laptop is just way too easy. Why would it need Ellie to answer the first riddle? Why give her brain scans and medical data only to lock down again, requiring Chuck to solve the next riddle?

Why does it never need to be charged? Can I get that laptop battery for my MacBook?!

I’m hoping something more comes of the laptop. Obviously, Poppa Bartowski intended for Ellie to figure out that the Intersect is damaging Chuck’s brain, maybe even find a cure / treatment, but I really want to see there be a catch to whatever Intersect upgrade Chuck’s received this time.

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  1. You had the same thought that I did at the end.  Why bother having Ellie involved if it isn’t going to involve her?  I sure hope it comes into play that she has either solved a problem with the Intersect or otherwise added something valuable to it.  Otherwise…

    I thought Timothy Dalton was pretty good at comedy and found that a pleasant surprise.  I was glad to see him back.

    And sign me up for one of those laptop batteries that can last for years, even if I have to put up with my laptop looking like the Transformer logo.

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