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Free eBook and AudioBook: ‘With a Little Help’ by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow has just launched his self-published short story collection With a Little Help. The book is availble in paperback, super-limited hardcover, and audiobook for a fee. There are also free digital editions (including a free audiobook with an impressive list of narrators).

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. “The Things That Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away”
  2. “The Right Book”
  3. “Other Peoples’ Money”
  4. “Scroogled”
  5. “Human Readable”
  6. “Liberation Spectrum”
  7. “Power Punctuation!”
  8. “Visit the Sins”
  9. “Constitutional Crisis”
  10. “Pester Power”
  11. “Chicken Little”
  12. “Epoch”
  13. “I’m Only In It For the Money” (by Russell Galen, Cory’s agent)
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6 Comments on Free eBook and AudioBook: ‘With a Little Help’ by Cory Doctorow

  1. Ah, I remember Leo Laporte recording his story a while ago on the live video stream.  He kept redoing parts to get it perfect.


  2. Curious if others recommend this.  Haven’t read any Doctorow yet.  Would this be a good place to start?

  3. I don’t know if I’d use Little Brother as an intro to Doctorow. His look at the potential for government infringement on individual rights is certainly important subject matter, but I don’t think it’s his best written work. I thought his long-winded technical asides for things like encryption repeatedly brought the narrative to a screeching halt.

    My suggestion to get into Doctorow would be his short story collection A Place so Foreign and 8 More. You’ll find out pretty quickly with a short story whether you like his writing style and ideas. If you want to start with a novel, I’d suggest Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.


  4. The only thing I really liked was the comic book adaption of Anda’s Game.  I think there’s a free download.


  5. Thanks for the info guys!  I’ll check out some short stories first.

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