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I Am Not A Number! Trailer For I Am Number Four

Okay, so I guess he really is a number. Here’s the full trailer for the upcoming SF/superhero-ish movie I Am Number Four, based on the book of the same name by Pittacus Lore, the pen name of authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes. (Here’s Jason Sanford’s review.) The setup:

The plot centers on nine aliens who escaped the destruction of their planet and landed on Earth, but are now on the run from those who destroyed their home world.

The conceit: They can only be killed in number order. Why that is isn’t explained in the trailer, hopefully the movie will. All in all it looks somewhat interesting though I can do without all the teen angst/romance stuff. Since the book is aimed at teens, I’m going to go ahead and say I’m not in the target audience.

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3 Comments on I Am Not A Number! Trailer For I Am Number Four

  1. Jeff Hotchkiss // December 8, 2010 at 9:28 am //

    Hard to tell with the trailer. the concept is pretty cool.

    Though I wonder why #4 is the special one (when the bearded dude says “If you die, we all die.”

    I think I’d like the movie better if #4 already had his powers and was just suppressing them because I can’t stand any story where we have to watch the protagonist get his powers and learn to use them. It always comes off so fake. He struggles over and over and then masters them in an insanely short amount of time and finally uses them at the time he needs them the most. Come on.

  2. Maybe, the aliens must follow the rules of the version of “Eight Ball” where you must pocket the billiard balls in numerical order.

  3. Today my Danger Gal Friday profile is on Number Six from “I Am Number Four” ( as portrayed by Teresa Palmer. Each of the nine have different powers, evidently, and Number Six wants to team up with Number Four to defeat the aliens after them. I don’t get the “If you die, we all die.” part either since they have to be taken out in sequence. Regardless, Number Six looks pretty darn cool.

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