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The 10th Day Of TRONmas – Adidas Tron Kicks

Kicks are apparently the young, hip way to refer to shoes so in a vain attempt to sound cooler and younger than I am, kicks it is. Now that you’ve tricked out your face with that pair of Oakley Pit Boss Tron sunglasses and are wearing your ‘glow-in-the-dark’ t-shirt, you’ll definitely need something to improve your feet. Enter these sweet Tron themed shoes kicks from Adidas.

These things, especially the black pair, are so full of want I wish I could buy them. The light up bits really do light up, thanks to Oryon Technology’s Elastolite, “a three-dimensional, elastomeric, membranous, flexible electroluminescent lamp.” Plus, it’s good for up to 25 washes. Now how much would you pay for a sweet pair of kicks like this? The correct answer: an arm and the other arm (you have to save your legs so you can have feet to wear these on). Sadly, these are one offs designed to showcase the technology. This makes me unbearably sad.

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