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The 4th Day Of TRONmas – TRON Headphones From Monster

Two days ago we listed the TRON Legacy soundtrack as our pick for the day. I know at least three people who purchased it, myself included, and I have to saw it’s pretty good. I’ll need to listen some more to decide how much I like it though. But if you’re like me, your listening to the symphtronic sounds of Daft Punk on a pair of ear buds or some other decent but not too stylish headphones. The people over at Monster Cable aim to do something about that lack style you’re sporting on your head with this pair of TRON Legacy, Daft Punk inspired headphones. From the press release:

Available beginning today at and regional electronics retailers, the sleek and brightly lighted headphones include Monster’s latest cutting edge sonic technology to provide the ultimate electronic music listening experience. Created by Monster’s groundbreaking headphone engineering team, the new Daft Punk Edition TRON: LEGACY headphones immerse users in the world of TRON: LEGACY with a special surround-sound mix of the Daft Punk-engineered soundtrack that comes included with the headphones.

So if you haven’t picked up the soundtrack yet, you’re in luck! A special copy is included with the headphones and all this for only $350. A bargain.


If you don’t know, Monster Cable is famous for offering their HDMI cables for hundreds of dollars. The very same quality cable can be found elsewhere for under $10 bucks. Are these headphones worth $350? Probably not. Are the really cool looking? Definitely yes. Would I love to have a set? Yes, yes I would.

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  1. So, very shiny. I think they would make me feel like I had traveled to the future, were I to wear a set.

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