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The 7th Day OF TRONmas: Gaming Accessories

Now that you’ve purchased TRON: Evolution for the system of your choice, you’ll want to upgrade your gaming experience to show just how much of a TRON fanboi you are. You better believe the folks at Disney have you covered. If PC gaming is your thing, Disney has teamed with Razer to create a gaming mouse and keyboard decked out in cool TRON blue.

The keyboard is backlit with a detachable numpad and it has sound effects from the movie. The mouse has a 5600 dpi laser, 7 buttons and also plays sound effects from the movie. Both are spendy, but not anything outrageous for the gaming market. I really do like the keyboard a lot, but then again, I like back lit keyboards. If you’re a Wii, PS3 or 360 person, don’t worry, Disney has you covered there with TRONflavored controllers for those systems too. Though for my money, the PC stuff looks better.

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