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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 019): Our ‘Best of 2010’ Lists

In this episode of the SF Signal Podcast, we talk about: Our favorite books read in 2010.

This is not necessarily books that were published, mind you, but books we consumed in 2010.

Listen for lists by:

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10 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 019): Our ‘Best of 2010’ Lists

  1. Bored at work…so I decided to transcribe the lists…


    Jessica Strider:

    Under Heaven – Guy Gavrieal Kay

    Desert Spear – Peter Brett

    Hundred Thousand Kingdoms- NK Jemisin

    Dervish House – Ian Mcdonald

    Veracity – Laura Bynum

    State of Decay – James Knapp

    Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

    Eon – Allison Goodman

    Scorched Trials – James Dashner

    Knife of Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness


    John Ottinger:

    Spiral Labyrinth – Matthew Hughes

    Recovering Apollo 8 – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

    Conqueror’s Shadow – Ari Marmell

    Year of the Horse -Justin Allen

    Folding Knife – KJ Parker

    Who Fears Death – Nnedi Okorafor

    Shades of Milk and Honey – Mary Robinette Kowal

    Way of Kings – Sanderson

    Black Prism – Brent Weeks

    Spirit Thief – Rachel Aaron

    Doppelgangster – Laura Resnick


    Fred (way too many books) Kiesche:

    What Distant Deeps – David Drake

    Live Free or Die – John Ringo

    Schlock Mercenary:  Resident Mad Scientist – Howard Taylor

    Lifecycle of Software Object – Ted Chiang

    Mirror Kingdoms – Peter Beagle

    Girl Genius #9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm – Phil and Katja Foglio

    Shadowline (et al) – Glen Cook

    Niven, Poul Anderson (et al)

    Girl books – Steig Larson

    Zero History (et al) – William Gibson


    Karen Burnham:

    Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – NK Jemisin

    Loving Dead – Amelia Beamer

    Soulless/Blameless/Changeless – Gail Carringer

    Mountains of Madness -HP Lovercraft

    Packing for Mars – Mary Roach

    At Home – Bill Bryson

    Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

    Inviting Disaster – James r Chiles

    Lots of stuff – Olaf Stapleton


    Jeff “TMI” Patterson:

    Ares Express – Ian Macdonld

    Heretics  – S Andrew Swan

    Up Jim River – Michael Flynn

    Pinion/Specific Gravity of Grief – Jay Lake

    Ventus/Permanence- Karl Shroeder

    Evolutionary Void – Peter Hamilton

    Surface Detail – Ian Banks

    Demon /Freedom(tm) – Dan Suarez

    Terminal World – Alistair Reynolds

    Black Hills – Dan Simmons

    The City’s End: Two Centuries of stuff – New York’s Destruction

    The Unwritten – Mike Carey

    Farscape/Skorpius comics


    (Yes, Patrick, there have been science fiction stories where the aliens were weak)


    John DeNardo:

    Heretics – Andrew Swann

    Voices of Vision – Jamie Lynn Blaschke

    Watch – Robert J Sawyer

    Shipbreaker – Paolo Bacigalupie

    Ghost of Manhattan -George Mann

    Dog Blood – David Moody

    Driver for the Dead 

    The Breach – Patrick Lee

    Trujillo – Lucius shepherd

    Diving into the Wreck – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

    Benchwarmer – Mike Resnick/Leslie Robyn

    Thunder from Fenris – Nick Kyme

    Waiting Death – Steve Lyons

    Other Earths – Nick Gevers/Jay Lake

    Living Dead II – John Joseph Adams


    Patrick Hester:

    Changes – Jim Butcher


    Welcome to the Jungle

    One of the Batman ones? Batgirl Rising?


    Dont thank me, pity me…

    But it is time for lunch!

  2. Hey thanks, TW!  Favorite part: Jeff “TMI” Patterson. 🙂



  3. Hmm, my Podcaster iphone app doesn’t see it yet.


  4. @Tam: We have 2 podcast feeds: — has the latest epsiode. — doesn’t have the epsiode yet, but should soon.

  5. @SASwannFan: that first feed is missing the mp3


  6. Sorry folks.  Podcast feed was broken for a bit — it’s fixed now.  Not sure about the iTunes side of things…


  7. The iTunes side of things will be fixed when the ‘geniuses’ move away from the bar and start working. In other words, we’ve pinged Apple about the updated feed, it’s up to them to make it ‘just work’.

    Why yes, I am using a lot of ‘ ‘…

  8. Check out Hulkpool (Hulk + Deadpool) in the 1st 2 chapters of ‘Hulked Out Heroes’.  Hilarious.


  9. Joerg Grau // December 9, 2010 at 9:08 am //

    The best book I read last year was, by a HUGE margin, Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book”.  What a stunning book.  Neil Gaiman is such an eloquent writer that aspiring writers should not be allowed to read him.  If they do they may very well pack it in, because reaching this level of mastery may not be possible for most.


    I also very much enjoyed the Autumn Rain trilogy, by David Williams.  While thin on characterization, the relentless plot and the constant action kept me glued to my Kindle deep into the night on many occasions.  This was also the first time that a novel written in present tense didn’t bother me.  Normally I get so turned off by present tense that I cannot finish the book.  Here it blended into the background and I didn’t even notice it after a while.


    I also re-read the entire Vorgosigan saga in preparation to Cryoburn (which I haven’t gotten to yet) and, needless to say, they were as good as they were the first time I read them.



  10. Just wanted to mention the 2010 English translation of The Stories of Ibis (Hiroshi Yamamoto)2006

    Highly recommended for anyone interested in Ai/android fiction.

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