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What Author Would You Like to Meet?

You can find me today over at Grasping for the Wind pontificating on an author I’d love to meet. Also playing along are SF Signal Irregulars Terry Weyna and Lisa Paitz Spindler.

Check it out.

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7 Comments on What Author Would You Like to Meet?

  1. Having had such a “lovely” experience meeting a few authors at various times, I just say “no thanks”.

  2. I’ve meet Michael Moorcock, David Weber and Chris Roberson. All were absolutely amazing. They were friendly, talkative, and willing to stick around after their “session” was done to talk to people in small groups, one-on-one or even for someone else’s session to listen to what they had to say.

    I would love to meet Sir Terry Pratchett. I’m going to meet (knock on wood) Mike Resnick this spring. George RR Martin, Reginald Hill, Mark Waid, Gordon Korman and Sandy Mitchell(Alex Stewart) are all on my list to ideally meet.

  3. Assuming we’re talking living writers, I’d love to have dinner with Ray Bradbury or Aaron Sorkin.

  4. I have met Sir Terry Pratchet a couple of times, and must say that each time has been great, he even remembered me the 2nd time from our first meeting. I have also met Mick Foley and he was a great gentleman, remaining 3hours after the book signing was supposed to finish so he could meet and sign for everyone who turned up, I heard he didn’t finish till gone 11pm.

    I would love to meet Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clark because their books have played a huge part of my young life, also China Melville.

  5. Also making the living writers assumption, I’d like to meet Ray Bradbury, Dan Simmons, and Joe Straczynski.


  6. There are 2 dead authors I would love to meet.. Homer and Heroditus.

  7. Hmmmm…zombie authors…


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