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Will ‘Fringe’ Survive the Move to the Friday Night Slot of Death?

It was recently announced that Fox would be moving Fringe to Friday nights and and the scifi collective said, “Uh-oh…”

Friday nights is traditionally a dead zone as far as ratings are concerned but Fox apparently thinks that Fringe can break that streak. I’m convinced that if any genre show can do it, it’s Fringe, but I wouldn’t bet money on it like Fox has. I do hope it succeeds.

I don’t know that I’ll be watching on Friday nights since — I catch it on my Tivo when I play weekend TV catch-up — so this move doesn’t affect me much. But how about you? If you watch Fringe now, will you continue watch it on Fridays? Or is the show doomed as doomed can be?

Here’s Fox’s “In your face, Fox-Hater!” trailer announcing the move….

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3 Comments on Will ‘Fringe’ Survive the Move to the Friday Night Slot of Death?

  1. Personally the move desn’t bother me… I will still watch the show (as I did TSCC and Dollhouse) the problem seems to me regardless of my (and many others) continued viewship Fox will still cancel the show if it doesn’t provide the live viewership figures that they want.

    What baffles me is why a major network puts shows on a night when its target audience tends to be otherwise engaged…. Believe it or not lots nerds and geeks do actually have social lives, contrary to stereotype and many will take the traditional friday night out / with friends over staying in to watch some tv show they can easily catch at their convience later.

  2. Keep in mind that the X-Files was a Friday night show that succeeded in the ‘death slot’.  I mean, what evidence is there that a genre show on Fox can’t succeed on Friday nights aside from Firefly, Dollhouse, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Sliders, M.A.N.T.I.S., Dark Angel, John Doe, The Lone Gunman & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?!

    Seriously – I don’t see why everyone is panicking…


  3. To answer the question: No, no it will not.

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