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The British Science Fiction Association has announced the nominees for the 2010 BSFA Awards:

Best Novel
  • Paolo Bacigalupi – The Windup Girl (Orbit)
  • Lauren Beukes – Zoo City (Angry Robot)
  • Ken Macleod – The Restoration Game (Orbit)
  • Ian McDonald – The Dervish House (Gollancz)
  • Tricia Sullivan – Lightborn (Orbit)

Best Short Fiction
Best Non-Fiction
  • Paul Kincaid – Blogging the Hugos: Decline, Big Other
  • Abigail Nussbaum – Review, With Both Feet in the Clouds, Asking the Wrong Questions Blogspot
  • Adam Roberts – Review, Wheel of Time, Punkadiddle
  • Francis Spufford – Red Plenty (Faber and Faber)
  • Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe the Notes from Coode Street Podcast

Best Art
  • Andy Bigwood – cover for Conflicts (Newcon Press)
  • Charlie Harbour – cover for Fun With Rainbows by Gareth Owens (Immersion Press)
  • Dominic Harman – cover for The Cat”s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut (Gollancz)
  • Joey Hi-Fi -cover for Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes (Angry Robot)
  • Ben Greene – “A Deafened Plea for Peace”, cover for Crossed Genres 21
  • Adam Tredowski – cover for Finch, by Jeff Vandermeer (Corvus)
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  1. The two BSFA-nominated short stories published in Interzone have been made available for free download at the bottom of the following Web page: . The Watts story can be found at . And the Williamson story has been posted on its publisher’s Web site: .

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