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Free PDF: ‘Why Should I Cut Your Throat?’ by Jeff VanderMeer

To help fund the publication of the upcoming anthology Leviathan 5: The Next Wave, Jeff VanderMeer is using 100% of any royalties received from his forthcoming nonfiction collection Monstrous Creatures or his 2010 short story collection The Third Bear.

As an additional fundraiser, the awesome Monkey Brain Books has been kind enough to provide a FREE PDF of Jeff’s prior non-fiction collection, Why Should I Cut Your Throat? Excursions into the Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, available from the pre-order page for Monstrous Creatures.

If you download that PDF, consider buying Monstrous Creatures (see the table of contents here) or making a direct donation to Jeff via paypal at vanderworld at with “For Leviathan 5” as the subject line.

See Jeff’s post for more information.

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