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Star Wars The Clone Wars Recap: The Nightsisters Trilogy

Show: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Episode Title: “The Nightsisters Trilogy”

Air Date: Fridays in January

Network: Cartoon Network

This post is chock full of spoilery goodness. Here’s a trailer. If you don’t want to know more, don’t go beyond the trailer…

PART ONE: Nightsisters

While leading an attack on Republic forces, Ventress finds herself once again pitted against Obi-Wan-Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Little does she realize that Darth Sidious has come to see her as a threat to him. He orders her Master, Count Dooku to eliminate her.

When the tide of battle turns against her, Ventress calls to Dooku for help. He refuses, telling her that she has failed him for the last time. There will be no reinforcements. Alone, she duels Anakin and Obi-Wan on the Separatist command ship. She actually does quite well too, until Dooku orders his own ships to open fire on the command ship.

The Jedi and Ventress escape just before the ship explodes. Ventress is left to drift in space, her ship damaged, until some pirates come along and save her. She returns the favor by killing them and taking their ship.

Meanwhile, Dooku reports that his apprentice is dead. He’s pretty tore up about it too.

Ventress returns to her home planet, Dathomir, where the Nightsisters, Force-sensitive women, heal her wounds and pledge to help her gain vengeance on Count Dooku by sneaking her into Dooku’s fortress to kill him.

PART TWO: Monster

Having failed to kill Dooku when she infiltrated his fortress, Ventress and the Nightsisters hatch a new plan to exact revenge. This time, they offer him a replacement for Ventress, a male of their species. Remember Darth Maul? Well, he was a male of their species and apparently there’s more on the other side of the planet.

Much of the episode is spent with Ventress wiping the floor with a bunch of ‘brothers’ until she finds one that suits her needs. She takes him back to the Nightsisters where they use magic to fill him with hate, deepen his voice, make him bigger, stronger, faster and help his antlers pop. Or are they horns? I am guessing that whatever they did to him was the equivalent of male Nightsister puberty…

They present Savage (pronounced Saavaage. Dear Lord…) to Dooku, who likes the cut of his horns right from the get-go. He send him off to finish a battle for him, which he does in record time, convincing Dooku to take him on as his new apprentice.

PART THREE: Witches of the Mist

The Jedi believe Ventress to be dead, so they’re confused by the deaths of Jedi at the hands of Savage (who they don’t know exists yet). Yoda and Master Windu send Obi-Wan to Dathomir after finding evidence of Savage and recognizing his species. He takes Anakin with him.

Meanwhile, Dooku has begun training Savage in the ways of the dark side. By ‘training’ I mean ‘torture’. Pretty intense stuff, too. Following a gold star for being evil and lifting rocks, Dooku sends Savage on a mission to bring him the king of Toydaria.

Anakin and Obi-Wan sit down for tea with the Witches who tell them about Savage and where he is. After they rush off, Mother Talzin tells Ventress it is time to get her revenge on Dooku. She sets Ventress, the Jedi, Dooku and Savage all on a path to confrontation.


In Part One, we see flashbacks revealing Ventress’ backstory, that she was once a padawan to a Jedi, that he was killed in front of her, that she went all hate/rage on the killers. Dooku found her soon after and began training her in the ways of the dark side. It’s an interesting side-trip into her psyche and what makes her tick.

The Nightsisters themselves – I don’t know. They’re a clan, the leader seems to know the Force but isn’t a Jedi. They use ‘magic’ quite a bit but the regular members of the clan seem to be warriors only, albeit kick-ass Amazon-type warriors.

Part two was silly.

Part three was better. You had some tension building over the course of the episode. If Savage had a better name, he would be a better character. Really he’s just a mindless beast hacking and slashing his way through the galaxy. He is blunt force, pure and simple.

Overall I think this could have been a tight, two-parter and it would’ve been much better. One of the problems of the series is that we already know that Ventress can’t kill Dooku, so even the tension that they built over the course of the three episodes really doesn’t amount for much in the end. All they accomplished was to setup a new character, Savage Opress (god, shoot me now.) that we KNOW won’t last because we know how the story unfolds thanks to the movies.

As a side note – can someone explain a couple things to me? I don’t consider myself to be stupid when it comes to Star Wars, but there’s some stuff I don’t get. 1) If Darth Sidious can feel a disturbance in the Force that is Ventress, why doesn’t he also feel that she’s still alive when Dooku tells him she’s dead? 2) If there are only ever two Sith, one Master and one Apprentice – then wtf is Dooku? Wtf is Ventress?

Darth Sidious is the Master, Darth Maul was his Apprentice. But Dooku (Lord Tyranus) is also his Apprentice. And Tyranus has his own Apprentice in Ventress and now in Savage?

That seems to be an awful lot of Sith…

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