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Robot Clips Are 20 Minutes of Kolliwood Awesomeness And Win

Robot is an Indian (Bollywood I think) science fiction film that is part Matrix, part Terminator, part Transformers and all awesome. I’m not really sure what the plot entails beyond an android is created, falls for a pretty girl, possibly turns bad, somehow splits into multiples a la Agent Smith and turns into a giant CGI snake made up of his bodies. But you know what? I don’t really care because what you are about to see is made up of ‘win’ beyond your wildest dreams.

Apparently we have some enterprising Russian, who seems to dub the following clips, to thank for bringing this much of Robot to YouTube. After watching you won’t necessarily need to see the film because you’ll have seen the good bits, but you’ll probably want to. Hell, any movie where the main character tracks down a mosquito, learns to talk to and brings it back to the person it bit and makes it apologize has got to be worth about a hundred Mansquitos. Prepare yourself:

I couldn’t stop smiling, especially during Part 2…

And if you’re wondering, the actress’ name is Aishwarya Rai and she is a former Miss World.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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4 Comments on Robot Clips Are 20 Minutes of Kolliwood Awesomeness And Win

  1. Since Bombay is now Mumbai, how come they don’t call it ‘Mollywood’ instead of ‘Bollywood’?


  2. This. Unto a class by itself.

  3. Grady Hendrix // January 28, 2011 at 1:30 pm //

    Just to throw a little more info in here, I did a big article over at Slate about Rajinikanth who is the star and demigod behind this production. His other movies? Mostly just as awesome! He’s the second-highest-paid Asian actor after Jackie Chan. Here’s a link:

    This movie is actually Tamil, although it was dubbed into Hindi, so that would officially make it a “Kollywood” production.

    In a bit of bonus trivia, the above article on Rajinikanth from Slate was plagiarized by one of India’s biggest media tycoons and became the source of a media scandal over there. Here’s an article about that:

    Which just goes to prove: touch Rajinikanth, even in print, and you enter the tornado!

  4. I gotta say that looks pretty awesome. No matter what you call it – India is really putting out some interesting stuff these days! And getting noticed for it too.

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