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SF Signal Welcomes John H. Stevens!

Please join me in welcoming John H. Stevens into the ranks of our blog army as he launches his new column today: The Bellowing Ogre!

We asked John to write about himself in the third person. Here’s what he came up with:

John H. Stevens is a writer, bookseller, fantastika geek, and bibliophile who is in his fourth decade of being an SF fan. When not doing something bookish or writerly he is raising a disarmingly precocious toddler. He is working on a novel and several short stories and is a contributor to the Apex Book Company blog.

We’re happy to have John on our team, not only because of his experience, but also because we needed yet another John on our email list to cause confusion.

John’s first column is now posted for your blogadicious enjoyment: The Resonance, Artifice and (Possible) Enervation of Epic Fantasy.

Welcome aboard, John!

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