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REVIEW: Firedrake by Nick Kyme

REVIEW SUMMARY: Well-done follow-up to Salamander. The plot, the characters, and the baddies thicken significantly.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A Warhammer 40K Space Marines novel. The magical heart of the Salamander Chapter takes center stage as the quest for the future of their home-world continues.


PROS: Imaginative Warhammer 40K SCI-FI with a bit of a Fantasy bent.

CONS:Fight scenes are well situated but a little weak.

BOTTOM LINE: I really liked it. When’s the next one coming out?

Nick Kyme’s Warhammer 40K novel Firedrake is not a rampant read like one of William King’s Space Wolf novels, nor does it have the Bernard Cornwell-esque feel of military fiction like its predecessor, Salamander. Instead, Firedrake, the latest Space Marine installment, reminds me more of an R.A. Salvatore epic fantasy novel set in the universe of Warhammer 40K. Delving into the more innately magical members of the Salamander chapter, Kyme provides us with a bit of an adventure/quest to go along with the usual Space Marine smiting of baddies (this time in the form of the evil dark elves — I mean eldar). He also pens a much more developed epic arc and fills in a more sinister set of enemies to foil.

In this episode we learn that there are many special roles and talents within the Space Marines as Kyme portrays what it means to be a Librarian and a Chaplain in the Salamander Chapter, and also how these characters must prove critical to the survival of the Salamander Chapter and their world. The plot twists and it weaves well in a tapestry of action, betrayal, and character growth. I would have liked to have a few hundred more pages in this book to tie off more of the threads before waiting on a third book, but that is likely more my omnibus-bent nature than a fault of the author. Please keep writing, Nick.

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  1. The wallet cringes…back to the bookstore (just picked up “Dead Men Walking”).

    So many books…so little time…so many ex-lover’s to bury…

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