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TOC: ‘Enter A Future: Fantastic Tales from Asimov’s Science Fiction’ edited by Sheila Williams (Asimov’s First-Ever Digital Anthology)

Asimov’s Science Fiction has just published its first digital anthology, Enter A Future: Fantastic Tales from Asimov’s Science Fiction edited by Sheila Williams, sold exclusively through Amazon.

Check out this amazing lineup:

  1. “Inside Job” by Connie Willis
  2. “The Days Between” by Allen M. Steele
  3. “Shoes-to-Run” by Sara Genge
  4. “Recovering Apollo 8” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  5. “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moon Blues” by Gord Sellar
  6. “Breeze from the Stars” by Mary Rosenblum
  7. “Safeguard” by Nancy Kress
  8. “A Billion Eves” by Robert Reed
  9. “Second person, Present Tense” by Daryl Gregory
  10. “Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another” by Robert Siverberg

[via Nancy Kress]

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